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Episode 292: Empowered to Walk in the Supernatural

The Holy Spirit empowers us to be one with Christ Jesus and to walk in the supernatural with Him.

Published: October 14, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




the greatness of the season we are in we just finished the Tuesday conference about two weeks ago and I’m still in awe of what God had me released prophetically to those who attended to our radio listeners who came it was good to meet you face to face to my brother and sister in Christ and called laborers mark and Jan wreaths from Kerrville thank you so much for coming it is refreshing to meet those who labor amongst us it is a rare opportunity to meet you in person as we are all so busy doing God’s work great to see you too Karen sorry I missed your call we had limited seating available and seats got filled up but there are about 12 people who registered and did not bother to show up or cancel we could have offered those seats to you and others but anyway don’t miss the second one okay it’s going to be awesome I have been holding this kind of conferences for many many years to different parts of the world also but that particular conference it flowed so easy I almost felt guilty but again God did not give me personal prophecies only two about eight people because he wanted me to walk and just flow and follow his leading when I started prophesying to people and that was the first time in a conference that people got prophesied up to three times it is a different kind of conference and I can truly say that the following day in our to Sunday services it was the most anointed most powerful service I ministered to the team to the members of Freedom Force of charts and we were joined by new people who attended the conference it was mind-boggling it is so awesome via personal prophecies the Lord had me released to the nation to the church and of course to the people individually it is mind-boggling just amazing I’m still trying to digest what God had me release prophetically keep in mind that God created the world through spoken words let there be light he said and like me in a blink of an eye so the prophecies personal prophecies are not just going to encourage you or release you but they are creative words calling those things as though they were in accordance to the plan of God in accordance to the love of God towards his people the prophecies that were released at this conference and on those two Sunday services they are not thus saith Christina they are dust saith the Lord I will not even imagine those words cannot even conceive what came out from my mouth and even if I knew oh my gosh I would have prophesied those words to myself to my friends and to my family instead for those people that I like but they are all promotions when it comes to the core team they work so hard and God rewarded them amazing these prophecies this personal prophecies they are supernatural but what I’m saying is this there is no other ways nor means for each and every one of us who receive prophecies from God at that conference we’ll be able to release them or manifest them ex except by God and through God and in God they are supernatural they came from above they did come here on earth do we deserve them by what we did or did not do no we can’t earn those kind of prophecies but we deserve this heavenly blessings because of who we are in Christ Jesus and because of what Jesus did for all of us and third because God the Father and God the Son sent the Holy Spirit to guide us to teach us for us to live heaven on earth to implement the kingdom of God in our days so because of Jesus our Lord by faith we decreed and declared in the mighty name of Jesus that we deserve those awesome prophecies it is up to you now to follow them through for their complete and full manifestations I delivered prophecies to the nations to the church and I saw them manifested but on personal prophecies this magnitude all I can say is Wow the plan of God for the season cannot be explained in words I’m at a loss for words God is truly amazing those of you who received personal prophecies from that conference write them down meditate on them and no matter what is happening in your life right now believe and focus on those prophecies you received and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allow him to lead you take over and to teach you by giving you simple instructions keep in mind that when those words were released Satan will try to steal them because he wants to buy time some time for himself and his demons but at the same time he is a natural thief that’s all he he’ll do he comes to rob to kill and to steal and to destroy so whatever is holding you right now turn that captivity into victory and listen to that small steel quiet voice believe and trust God on this because if we rely on our own strength if we rely on our own resources and abilities there is no way those prophecies manifest no way because they are from heaven and we need to apply God’s ways of doing things example no matter how you quote the scripture that the wealth of the wicked is laid out for the just you can say and quote and believe those until you’re blue in the face they will still not manifest until you have a new mindset and it will apply corresponding action a new mindset means that you need to change your methods and your ways of doing things and apply God’s ways in every area of your life reciting scriptures will not make you effective in managing worldly wealth it will not make you a good manager this is the reason why God is not manifesting wealth upon the body of Christ because we will not be able to manage it we will not be able to handle we would not know how to do it after you made all your plans on what you’re going to buy who are you going to give to what are you going to do with the rest so whatever you have right now whatever you do right now you must operate in excellency always do the right thing when it comes to wealth or prosperity Jesus gave us the litmus test in Luke chapter 16 verses 10 through 12 you need to meditate on this I’ll go to read it to you in NIV version look chapter 16 verses 10 through 12 it says whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much so if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth who will trust you with true riches this is Jesus setting up the parameters in his kingdom verse 12 and if you have not been trustworthy with someone else’s property who will give you property of your own I want to continue down to verse 16 it says the law and the prophets were proclaimed until John write the law and the prophets were proclaimed until John it means to say that the law and the prophets stopped proclaiming when John came to the picture then John the Baptist started proclaiming about the kingdom of God and preaching repentance he was not proclaiming about the law nothing about the law there is a new revelation there was a new doctrine that John the Baptist introduced when the Lord Jesus came in the picture we must understand this it’s in Luke chapter 16 verse 14 it says the law and the prophets were proclaimed until John since that time the good news of the kingdom of God is being preached and everyone is forcing his way into it it means that the law of prosperity the transfer of wealth have changed we have to apply God’s ways of doing things and we cannot do this in our own knowledge and experience and training even our knowledge about God the knowledge shall increase God prophesied that in the Book of Daniel and will continue to increase and we need the Holy Spirit to teach us why Romans 14:17 says for the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness peace and joy in the whole spirit it is the Holy Spirit who empowers us to walk in the supernatural realm nobody else can do that you cannot do that alone it doesn’t matter if you memorize the entire Bible it doesn’t matter you and I need the Holy Spirit it is the Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus to us and of course our knowledge about who we are our knowledge about the kingdom of God our knowledge about Jesus and His plan will continue to increase because the Holy Spirit is our teacher it is the Holy Spirit after all who leads us to be one with Christ he is the only one who can give us revelation he is the only one who can tell us of future things to come he is our teacher and he is our God the Spirit of Truth he is not the spirit of facts facts can change but he is the Spirit of Truth changing of our mindset is what would lead us in the supernatural through the leading of the Holy Spirit remember Acts chapter 10 Cornelius and Peter the angel of the Lord appeared Cornelius and gave him instruction to go and get Peter who was staying with Simon the Tanner by the sea Cornelius immediately dispatched his servants to get Peter Cornelius got the message about three o’clock in the afternoon and his servants reached Simon the Tanners house where Peter was staying at around noon the following day Cornelius once the angel of the Lord appeared to him and gave him instruction Cornelius did not ask all kinds of questions like what we do and ask God nowadays what if Peter will not go with my servants what if he already left and it’s not staying in the house of Simon the Tanner how does he look like no one’s Cornelius heard the instruction that is more than enough for him so he heard from God and he immediately obeyed by dispatching his servants to get Peter that is what we need in our days if you want those personal prophecies or even prophecies to this nation to the church as a general if you want them to manifest you obeyed the simple instruction from the Holy Spirit and have faith and trust him enough worry about following the instructions to the letter let God worry in manifesting what he had promised in the meantime before the servants of Cornelius arrived the house of Simon the Tanner the Lord gave Peter a vision because he was hungry the vision is about food flat food animals unclean and he commanded Peter to slay and eat Peter said no definitely no probably he bound that voice that he heard in the name of Jesus he actually said no three times at the Lord he is Jewish and he only eat kosher food and he explained this to the Lord the Lord did not explain why he did not because the Lord knew about Leviticus and this is Peters doctrine remember what I read you in looked-after 16 verse 14 Peter heard that also because Jesus spoke and explain things to them that the law and the prophets were proclaimed until John but since that time the good news of the kingdom of God is being preached and everyone is forcing his way to it to the kingdom of God so the doctrine of Peter that is Jewish by abiding to the law went out of the door right and some of our doctrines that’s what’s going to happen God did not Lane to Peter all the details do you understand God doesn’t have to tell you all the details because I guarantee you you’re going to want to change some of it and Lord told Peter not to call unclean those that he called clean he was still trying to meditate and trying to understand the vision what God is talking about when the men arrived and God told Peter to go with them God didn’t bother to tell Peter that they are Gentiles and again this is against the doctrine of Peter the Jewish are not supposed to be where the Gentiles and more so going to their house and fellowship with them the doctrines of Peter went topsy-turvy some of your doctrines too are going to go by the wayside because the kingdom of God is still being revealed to us by the Holy Spirit we have revelation and we will have revelation in our days that was never been preached before Peter went and realized that upon laying off on hands God poured out his spirit also among the Gentiles and that God does not play favorite that is a big change in doctrine okay that is a big change that is a world changer what the Holy Spirit is going to reveal to us those who have ears to hear and ice to see and are submissive and are wanting to change to walk in the supernatural we will going to have an understanding and revelation from the Holy Spirit by the Word of God that will transform nations in our lives as well so let us stop wondering how come there is no power in the charts that God seems to to visit only one or two or three ministers and it will only last for about three years as far as revival is concerned how can God visit us if God is here you don’t want to ask the Holy Spirit come down or visit us it is his church instead let us allow God to be God we’re still in the doctrine issue in high days on the 21st century whether women can preach or not or if women can be a pastor and some of us still believe that getting baptized by the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues it still is from the devil the devil don’t have that kind of power he’s only a fallen angel why does he seem to be powerful to you because of your big mouth you’re giving that authority that Jesus gave to the bat of Christ to him so stop it we have lots of catching up to do by their brothers and sisters why can’t women preach or lead we’re in in our day’s charts attendance the percentage of women attending the church comprise between sixty to seventy-five percent almost in every ministry men are noticeably absent and God really is Almighty and powerful that he can empower women also to lead keep in mind on who God is and also remember it is not God who forbade women to preach it is the Apostle Paul who commanded that women should not allow to preach in Ephesus alone because he is the same apostle who got the revelation in Galatians that there is neither Jew nor Greek male or female slave or free but we are all one in Christ okay so these women in Ephesus you need to go there one day I’ve been there twice or three times twice those women used to worship the goddess Diana and their prestigious of Diana they got converted but they started preaching that women are superior than men so Apostle Paul set them straight and for that particular church he gave this instruction to pastor Timothy women are forbidden to preach we are in the 21st century and knowledge is increasing and we need each other we’d rather be happy that people of God no matter who they are color of their skin or gender let us desire that we’d rather that they serve God instead of God’s enemy and most importantly stay in your own lane we have lots of work to do there is room for everybody you please God you are empowered that’s my secret I have a relationship with the Lord Jesus so he trusts me he even shares his plan to me he loves me and I love him back it’s as simple as that that is the secret of my anointing and because I’m so in love with him I don’t mind sharing him to his people and I teach his people how to fall in love with him and stay in love with him that’s what he needs from you and I that kind of relationship okay so that is the secret of my anointing just like what I said before don’t mess with me as I follow and obey God as I’m minister to his people don’t mess with me I am God’s brat you know we have different kinds of brats brats sometimes your unruly your spoiled it is of negative connotation but also we also have military brats right and a part of the definition of a brat is you are a son or a daughter of a certain professional kind of port or a company so I am God’s brat because I’m a member of his household so don’t mess with me okay and I will empower you as long as you want to know Jesus and as long as you want to walk in the supernatural and as long as you follow instruction I would not mind sharing you Jesus okay this is why I was born again is to live for him and to worship Him and share him you know every year I actually officiate a ceremony that those who love the Lord and have attended a certain kind of training with me or under me I officiate a wedding ceremony were in they exchanged merits covenant with with our Lord Jesus Christ I held this wedding ceremony in Israel in Jerusalem this year for I think 13 people five guys and eight ladies they were all wearing white and the Lord is oh happy he was so excited and I trained them and a few hundreds more are waiting for me to train them they wanted to exchange marriage vows with Jesus it’s going to be lots of fun I just want to encourage you we entered a great season in our lives in the history of the church in our country the United States of America don’t focus on the bad things that are happening all around you focus on the kingdom of God God is judging the world right now in the sports arena in the political arena in every sector of society what is happening you focus in listening to the Holy Spirit the the good judgment is for us the body of Christ the bad judgment that’s not for you so don’t focus on that focus on God instead and I’m running out of time so god bless you for tuning in until next time

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Episode 292: Empowered to Walk in the Supernatural

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