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Episode 295: Emerging Glory

Do not give in to fear, doubt, or unbelief. God is positioning the Body of Christ to where it should be.

Published: November 04, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Christina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and this is the prophetic voice of our time we entered another month after the conference in September month of October just breezed through as far as I’m concerned it went just like that and we are seeing the manifestation of prophecies that were released over the past several years political revival arts and entertainment the dealings transformation changes in the arts and entertainment media sports arena lots of replacements lots of dealings of the Lord changes and promotions I don’t know about you this year is so fast and major upheavals and lots of opportunities opened up at the same time they’re all growing at the same time and many more many more changes upheavals and dealings and many more blessings for you and I last week Joshua felt led of the Lord to rebroadcast the prophecy for the season changes changes promotions and transformation to remind all of us that it is happening now and what is happening to you right now enjoy the process my dear brothers and sisters it is going to get better for all of us there are lots of interesting things happening and here we are we just welcomed a new month the month of November Thanksgiving no official especially in Texas fall season and many other things and right now for the next few weeks I am preparing to hold two big prophetic conferences in the Philippines just like we held here in San Antonio last September in which of you attended and I’ll be holding pastors and ministers conferences leadership training and prophetic school I think I’ll be there for almost a month but I’ll be back here in San Antonio before Christmas or by Christmas in time to prepare for the prophetic gathering of the Saints on December 31st you need to come you need to register for this event and registration fee is $60 per person and formal attire you can go to our website at again it is www.hs OG MI org it is a formal sit-down dinner we’re going to dress up we’re going to have a wonderful time praising the Lord and fellowship and we are going to be so excited to hear what’s ahead in 2018 we’re going to have personal prophecies prophecies to the nation’s it’s so awesome what is ahead in 2018 if it’s like 2017 better buckle your seats we’re going to go higher and deeper in the things of God right now I already have invitations from different countries to hold prophetic conferences in their countries I’m still praying about that we have a tentative schedule to go to Nigeria and also Philippines and but we have invitations from different countries in Africa in Asia and in Latin American countries even in Middle East I will not be able to accept all the invitations I received I have to ask God about it I have to be led by the Holy Spirit and so Joshua is now busy preparing for us to minister and to train the body of Christ wherever you may be via YouTube pray about this and this radio program a lot of radio stations from different states have been asking this program to be broadcasted in their states and we are already own expansion in an expansion mode as far as this the prophetic voice of our time it is important for this program to be aired nationwide it is important for this country the state of Texas it is important for the body of Christ as it is we have listeners from all over the world right now and it keeps on increasing it is important for the state of Texas to continue to sow seeds in foreign soil it is important for our country it is important for us as Christians to obey and focus on the Great Commission and this is what sons of God ministries international has been doing we have been going overseas first we held conferences and prophetic schools here in Texas and then the Lord instructed us to expand worldwide and we started doing this in 2006 if this program is a blessing to you can you prayerfully consider partnering with us you can go to our website SOG mi dot org it is time to sow a seed okay also I am going to the Philippines to hold prophetic conferences and leadership training the second ship I’ll be training new pastors and business leaders it is a very hectic schedule so a seed in this mission also it is awesome I have a very hectic schedule and I have been praying and I have bent thanking God to to also have Joss will go with me so that he can help me train and prophesy individually to about 1500 young leaders the first conference the big conference will be held on December 8th but we have to pay for the venue right now we have to purchase our tickets we have to make a reservation and we have to pay for these two big News the others they will be held in smaller like a hundred 200 or 300 but this two are big okay so a seed this is a great opportunity go to our website SOG mi dot org and click donate or you can mail your check the post office box one five seven nine hello this Texas seven eight zero two three do it okay the Holy Spirit is touching you right now and let’s move let us go back to the topic let us go back to the many many changes that are taking place in this country in our state in our lives in your life I want you to focus on the Lord Jesus okay this is not something of a spiritual talk this has to be Jesus has to be our reality I am expecting continued changes dealings and upheavals in our government in the media in the arts and entertainment in the sports arena because the Lord had me release those prophecies and I’m expecting than manifests for the glory of the Lord it is for his glory it is for our own personal benefit and it will benefit his people what really stuns me is the succession and the intensity that these prophecies are manifesting is exciting and many many more will manifest you will see this country is going to turn around towards righteousness and once these major things are exposed once this wicked and bad things are exposed and dealt with you will see more more and more blessings and opportunities why it is the hand of God that is doing this and the zeal of the Lord is going to manifest and make sure that the calling of United States of America will manifest in our lifetime if we dare to believe okay so God is position the body of Christ the worst he’s supposed to be keep that in mind do not give in to fear doubt or unbelief focus on obeying the instruction from the Lord this is one of those instruction and you know it it’s in Revelation chapter 22 verses 10 and 11 okay this is a commandment for us and we cannot add or take away from this one Revelation chapter 22 verse 10 then he told me do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll because the time is near let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong let the vile person continue to be vile let the one who does right continue to do the right thing and let the holy person continue to be holy we must seize every opportunity that God opens in the time we are in it’s exciting I’m actually out of breath last month I did not know how I survived I overcame thank you Jesus I titled the last September conference as you heard as the greatness of the season we are in well now I am changing it to the greatness of the time in the Lord that we’re in so far why can’t you see what is happening I just want you to explain so that you will not give in to fear and you do not focus on the bad things because we are commanded in Revelation not to touch them that the vile continue to be vile but we are commanded to be holy okay and always do the right thing in Amos chapter 9 verse 13 Amos prophesied that days are coming when the Reaper shall be overtaken by the soul that is what the transfer of wealth is all about that the Reaper will be overtaken by the soul and vice versa that prophecy is good that’s why we need to continue on preaching the gospel we continue to sow seed why we continue to preach the gospel and why you need to continue to partner with ministries like the prophetic voice of our time so the prophecy is good when it comes to the body of Christ it is a good prophecy but when it comes to the world it is not a good news as you can see a lot of hidden things the issues of the heart are being exposed good and bad as the anointing increases on this earth yokes will surface they will start manifesting so that they will get destroyed by our anointing so we need to continue to pray for our country for our state for our government leaders ok because our anointing Jesus Christ and his anointing right and we are part of his body will destroy those yokes why did I say that I say the Spirit of the Lord is upon me because why he has anointed me to preach the gospel of good news right so that anointing this anointing that is from the Holy Spirit in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ will destroy the yokes on this earth I release this prophecy several years ago those wicked things those sins sinners that used to get away with a lot of things not in this time those hidden things they will surface again keep in mind for us the but of Christ any unconfessed sins they’re not forgiven ok so you need to deal with any issues that you have with the Lord go to the Lord don’t be so religious I have to do this and I had to do that no God was search your heart if you are really repented he will wash away those sins and he will not remember them anymore so nobody can bring them up ok it is important true repent so when the Holy Spirit starts dealing with you counted all joy God wants to spare you away from all of these intense dealings and judgment that already have come the judgment has already come upon the face of the earth throughout the world in order for you not to panic do not focus on the bad things bad things that are happening all around us focus on the goodness of God focus on who he is he is in love with you keep that in mind it is unconditional love God is more than able and more than willing to bless you and protect you and grant the desires of your heart don’t worry get excited enjoy the process and you will see so are you facing challenges right now get right with God do the right thing your future is a lot better and brighter and all these challenges all these pains and those problems and issues and situations those are temporary but your relationship with God and all the right things that you do they are eternal okay so what this prophecy means in Ames chapter 9 verse 13 that the sore is overtaken by the Reaper and vice-versa in the kingdom of God now under the new covenant thank you Jesus there is no season any longer all the things we do here on earth are now eternal the Lord answered my question I asked him several years ago and he always answer my question with a question so this is my question to the Lord years ago Lord why did you curse that fig tree when it is not its season to bring forth fruit I actually was laughing with the Lord about this because when I get hungry real hungry you have to feed me I get grumpy when I’m hungry so I was telling the Lord that probably he curse that victory because he was like me we are both grumpy when we’re hungry impertinent disciples mi huh you know you can ask the Lord you can ask the Lord questions and if you’re serious is going to answer you and here it is in mark 11 starting with verse 13 mark 11 verse 13 singing in the distance a fig tree in leaf he went to find out if it had any fruit when he reached it he found nothing but leaves because it was not the season for figs keep that in mind when he reached it he found nothing but leaves because it was not the season for figs then he said to the tree may no one ever eat fruit from you again and his disciples heard him say it thus that sound grumpiness to you he was already hungry and man if you’re going to read the scriptures afterwards when he reached Jerusalem and he saw in the temple those merchants buying and selling man he dealt with him he drove them away so let’s go down to verse 20 in the morning as they went along they saw the fig tree withered from the roots Peter remembered and said to Jesus rabbi look the fig tree you cursed has withered if you think about it if you reason with it Jesus was he unreasonable the fig tree he cursed after all it is not the season for figs no in the kingdom of God there was no season or we can change seasons like God if we have faith and believe in Daniel chapter 2 verse 21 remember this is the attributes of our God this is his power so it is a universal truth even though is in the Old Testament right in Daniel chapter 2 21 it says he changes times and seasons he sets up kings and the poses of them he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning he changes season and it will go back to that um scripture okay because in verse 22 and 23 it says have faith in God after Peter pointed it out to Jesus about the fig tree he says have faith in God jesus answered I tell you the truth if anyone says to this mountain go throw yourself into the sea and that’s not doubt in his heart but believes that’s what he says will happen it will be done for him keep that in mind if you believe and do not doubt in your heart you don’t have to do it just follow the instruction of the Lord because those supernatural impossible things they will be done for you according to verse 23 you know when the Lord showed me vision years ago he gave me a vision of me I saw me ministering before leaders or kings of this world I saw me ministering before thousands of people and holding discipleship and training programs and conferences to my peers to ministers at that time I was not able to take it all in but I put it in my journal and in my journal I described what I saw and of course being being a woman who loves clothes and shoes I described in my journal what I was wearing I was wearing a white so I I talked to Jesus about it I received it and believed it and went forward but some of those things in the vision they they bothered me at that time at that time I did not like crowds I did I hated parties especially company parties in those days so in the industry civic vision I saw that I was on the stage with diplomats and royalties with a king in that specific country and I was wearing white I was prophesying to them and they were listening to me that is impossible at the time but it manifested in 2009 in a big way of course conferences and crowds supernatural things and discipleship training they started manifesting in 2006 and the list goes on and on never in my wildest imagination that God would entrust me with such a wonderful gift and gave me a privilege to be one of a spokesperson before I just wanted to own my own company drive a Mercedes Benz convertible don’t forget the convertible such a simple ambition it can be done especially here in America but God once I got born again and got filled with the Holy Spirit he blew all of those ambitions and my heart’s desire into smithereens and replaced them with his and Here I am in spite of the many challenges I face in the ministry and even as a person in my personal life I would not trade my life I have right now as long as the Lord is pleased with me and as long as he has a need of me that’s all I need and so are you the time we are in right now my dear brothers and sisters is great all the members of the body of Christ those who truly are righteous and born-again those who belong to Jesus will shine we’re going to shine we’re going to emerge as a very influential and affluent show prosperous body this is all for the glory of the Lord for our own benefit and for the benefit of his people and it will manifest what was prophesied that never have manifested before for the glory of the Lord will cover the whole earth as the waters cover the Seas you are being summoned you are destined for greatness your affliction your problems I don’t care whether you cost them God loves you unconditionally you are being summoned right now drop everything stop sinning get right with God especially for you it was thinking that it is all over that you’re finished God wants me to tell you he has a need of you because he loves you he will pick you up and take you translate you to where you’re supposed to be it’s not too late but new beginnings for you call me at 2 1 zero six nine five one six three zero I want to talk to you again the number is two one zero six nine five one six three zero extend your hand towards him he loves you he is in love with you and that is all it matters it’s an unconditional love that whatever you do he cannot stop loving you okay and I’m running out of time again don’t forget sow your seed to this ministry to this radio program so our mission go to our website surprise me surprise me with your obedience to God trust him okay and I’m running out of time don’t forget the prophetic gathering of the Saints is here and now you need to register and it’s $60 per person and it’s going to be a formal attire you will not regret it amen that’s all I can say join us in our Sunday services

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Episode 295: Emerging Glory

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