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Episode 296: Double Portion Restoration

Each one of Job’s friends had an explanation of what was happening to him, and they were all wrong. In light of the recent tragic shooting in Sutherland Springs, we cannot offer answers or explanations except the truth: Jesus is the answer. Let us continue to love, obey, heal, and take dominion as one Body.

Published: November 11, 2017

Originally Aired: November 11, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




thank you for tuning in this is Christina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and this is the prophetic voice of our time let me start this program with a prayer for all the members and families from First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas my brothers and sisters please pray with me Holy Father in the mighty name of Jesus we pray for all of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Sutherland Texas we pray for the peace of God that surpasses all understanding dwell in their hearts and minds we pray for the quick and complete recovery of those that were injured thank you Lord for mobilizing your people to lend a helping hand give us the right words to comfort one another to encourage one another as we all try to grasp for answers and struggle to absorb this tragic event we thank you for your comfort and your love Jesus you are the answer and we thank you for your guidance for loving us for your support in this difficult times thank you Lord for turning this tragic event for good and continue to lead us Holy Spirit into all truth may your love continue to dwell in our hearts and minds as we continue to put our trust in you in Jesus name we pray amen to all of you our radio listeners my brothers and sisters in Christ continue to pray for them continue to pray for one another so accede continue to remember and reach out for the victims as a pastor as a mother it is difficult to comprehend what happened why did this group of people why in that town they are my brothers and sisters in Christ and they were worshiping God with their loved ones they are in a place most sacred I do not know the why but there is one thing I know that you and I must always be mindful of we have a common enemy whose intent is to rub to kill and to destroy and he will not hesitate nor discriminate whom but intent and destroying all of us he will inflict or attempt or try to inflict the most pain and greater destruction we need to understand that this tragedy is not from God it is from our enemy and we need to focus on making him pay to all the radio listeners of this program continue to pray for everybody are the First Baptist Church and I charge you in the name of Jesus to sow a seed to help them out let us push back this darkness and let us push hard by helping them out with your financial seeds your prayers and our vigilance I thank God for this radio station ksl our and salem media companies under the leadership of Mike Payne for taking a lead on this tragedy thanks to all of you ksl our families for your big hearts as one body let us push back and inflict vengeance to the enemy by focusing on our Lord Jesus Christ by sowing seed to all those who were touched by this tragedy the impact of this tragedy will be felt by those who survived the family members the children the father the brother sisters spouse so let us push back and let us fight together Satan is trying to attack the very core of who we are so let us fight back God’s ways let us continue to pray for the physical healings of those that are wounded and some are still in the hospital and let us pray for peace that surpasses all understanding to be upon everybody who were there I thank God for the two gentlemen who ran towards the bowel and confronted the killer god bless you and thank you for responding to those who lost loved ones the only thing that I can offer comfort and encouragement to you is that your loved ones who perished are not just a part of your life they’re not just a part of your past but they are part of your future they are with Jesus and we can say that they are in a better place they’re in a better place than us and it is okay to mourn it is okay to be angry it is okay to cry the Lord Jesus would not mind you questioning him on why did this happen to you he understands and he will comfort you and guide you and you will overcome this you wait and see God is going to be with you every step of the way a lot of time allow him to help you process in your hearts and minds what happened and you will see we will move forward with you I’m still angry I cannot process this tragedy and its magnitude for more than two weeks the Lord was waking me up to pray and I thought to prepare for the conference’s in the Philippines then also some members of the team at Freedom Force of charts Divina Gayle Mike told me that they have been waking up early in the morning to and I reminded them to pray in the spirit and I told them that God is waking them up for them to pray I know many of God’s people experienced the same after all of our prayers why this tragedy still happened I do not know the answer to that and I will not even attempt to find the answer to the question why and why to them why in the church all I can think of is job in the Bible tragic painful events happened to Joe he did not sin he feared God and he did not understand what was happening in his life then his friends came in and they accused job of sinning just like some of you please refrain from saying well it happened to First Baptist Church there must be a sin in the camp are you one of Joe’s friends three each one of the Friends of Jove had answered an explanation and what is happening to their friend and they were all wrong job through his pain and the turmoil of him suffering physically and emotionally also had a broken spirit because he cannot process what was happening in his life like you who wouldn’t he did not even had a chance to process the death of his children and here comes more afflictions more pains and suffering one after the other and he knew in his heart that he did not sin against God but he still cannot find or understand what was going on in his life this is what’s happening in our hearts of our brothers and sisters that are victims of this tragedy we cannot offer answers except the truth Jesus is the answer in job chapter 17 starting with verse 1 it says my spirit is broken my days are cut short the grave awaits me and this is what’s happening even now in verse 2 job chapter 17 verse 2 surely mockers surround me my eyes must dwell on their hostility give me O God the pledge you demand who else will put up security for me you have closed their minds to understanding therefore you will not let them triumph this is the nature of God I read it again job chapter 17 verse 4 you have closed their minds to understanding therefore you will not let them triumph so for those that are mockers don’t pay attention to them focus on the Lord Jesus verse 5 if a man denounces his friend for a word the eyes of his children will fail God has made me a byword to everyone a man in whose face people spit my eyes have grown dim with grief my whole frame is but a shadow upright men are appalled at this the innocent are aroused against the ungodly and this is what’s happening all over the world across this great state and across United States of America the innocent people are aroused again the ungodly they are appalled by their unkind and cruel words they’re appalled on how they’re treating this tragedy verse 9 nevertheless the righteous will hold on to their ways and those with clean hands will grow stronger this is who we are God will turn this tragedy around and we will stand united and we will be stronger and more determined than ever job’s friends continued to judge him they wanted him to confess his sins they have all the explanations and what happened and they were all wrong same thing now the world mocks and are full of hatred but the innocent are aroused it is important to note that God did not explain anything to job right and as far as job is concerned his children are so lost he was still in pain he was still in turmoil he was still in agony but there is one thing that changed God came into the picture job encountered God and in the midst of his suffering and agony the presence of God is more than enough for him why the presence of God the hand of God manifest all his goodness his tender mercies and his love towards you in job 38 verse 1 it says that the Lord answered job out of the storm Jesus is the answer and I know that his presence will be upon all of you and he’s more than enough you see job said in 42 verse 5 says my ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you and what happened God confronted job’s friends and please listen up to those who says in their heart and even saying it out loud that what happened in Sutherland is a judgment from God you are totally totally wrong don’t you badmouth God why is it that when it comes to other cities adjustments from God and when some bad things happen to you it is an attack from the enemy that is a double standard and double standard is being used by the world not the people of God it does not belong double standard it does not belong in the kingdom of our God he is merciful loving and kind and all-powerful and I guarantee you that he will not judge or treat his children this way he is merciful in job chapter 42 verse 7 says after the Lord had said this things to job he said to Ella fast at ammonite I am angry with you and your two friends because you have not spoken of me what is right digest that you have not spoken of me what is right as my as my servant job has down to verse 8 my servant job will pray for you see how the Lord was angry with them but he was still merciful so much more for the innocent ones how can you say that this is a judgment from God when unborn child was killed innocent children and they are in a house of worship worshiping God don’t you ever say that verse 8 my servant job will pray for you and I will accept his prayer and not deal with you according to your folly you have not spoken of me what is right as my servant job and God healed and restored job chapter 42 verse 12 the Lord blessed the latter part of jobs life more than the first and he gave him a double portion of what he owned and gave him children when we got born again we became children of God it is okay to ask him all these difficult questions that you are struggling with things you don’t understand tell him of your pain he will lovingly listen to you he will give you peace and you will see he’s more than enough he will help you through this process he will help all of us he is a loving God and this tragedy is not from him he gave us his name and that authority that comes with that name we can use that authority and its love to move on and we’ll all come out stronger and united as ever yes I’m still angry and I’m going to continue to be angry to the devil for what happened and I will continue to destroy his works I will focus in obeying the Great Commission and more than ever I am determined to finish my course and disciple others to do the same we are a powerful force on the face of this earth and we are now awakened and more determined than ever to destroy the works of the devil not to let him win let us not forget the victims of this tragedy when everybody goes back to their home when the television and the reporters are out covering another news when the investigation of this tragedy have come to a close let us remember that our brothers and sisters in Christ some are children some are elderly who will continue to recover and mourn for their loss let us not forget them and let us exact vengeance and punishment to the enemy by going to his camp he went to one of our own now I will go to his camp I will exact retribution in God’s name I will continue to expand the outreaches of this ministry and I will pour my heart and soul on this upcoming trip to the Philippines I will continue to preach the Word of God in power and I will continue to empower the leaders in that nation and in every nation that the Lord sends me and I will bring the newness of life in Christ Jesus to those that are lost I will destroy his works and he will repay what he did in Sutherland that he will think twice of attacking one of our own we cannot be stopped and we need to continue to increase a number you and I will make sure of that we will continue to be vigilant we will continue to transform Nations through God’s way of doing things we will continue to love one another and yes we will continue to pray for our enemies how can you forgive someone to have done that who have done your wrong it is not for their sake it is for yours so that you can move on as soon as we release things to God we expressed by our words in our action to him that we trust him and that we’ll continue to worship Him that he will remain the Lord of our life and this is one thing that we’re going to do like I said it is okay to question God he’s a big God he loves you so much he can handle it do not listen to others that there must be something there must be this and and said no the culprit for this the one that is guilty is Satan and his cohorts and yes he used people but he is our true enemy so let us continue to destroy his works it is unimaginable on what happened but you see God will turn this things around let us not please let us not forget the victims okay so a seed from what I understand the company donated all the coffins and some people have been donating for hospital expenses but this will continue as they were checked out from the hospital they need to continue their healing process their hearts their lives their physical bodies their minds and let us let us do this as one body let us be generous in sowing seed for them so that they would not have no more that financially they are better off than they were before this tragedy happens that is a good thing and let us thank God that this grieving and this healing process will not prolong but it will be quick and we give him the glory and we give him all the praise as we continue to put our trust in him okay thank you for listening and Jesus is the answer try to process that and he is a loving God this is not from him and that is the truth that is the answer that we can stand on that we begin to move forward but in the meantime I prophesy that a supernatural move of God will be upon the nation of United States of America especially upon this great state of Texas that there will be mass healings and salvations and the move of God that this country that the state of Texas will continue to lead in righteousness in righteous governance in science and technology and in prosperity in the name of Jesus let us continue to be an example for the world to see we show the world how we deal with situation that we are united during the hurricane and now in this tragedy that we are one body fitly joined together so thank you for listening join us in our Sunday services we are located at eighty four nineteen Callahan Road of I ate in our morning service starts at 10:30 in our evening service at 7:00 p.m. and we also meet every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. I will be going to the Philippines to hold two big prophetic conferences and I’ll be holding leadership training conducting prophetic school and business school and in line of the strategy I will I will endeavor to fit my schedule to win the loss so I’m going to hold angelical missions and sandwich in between services it’s an offering it’s an offering to the Lord for what happened here in the state of Texas amen so pray for me and I will make the preparation and I will come back for the prophetic gathering of the Saints on December 31st be sure to register on that you’ll be paying for your for your dinner and the venue which is $60 per person like last year the attire is formal and we’ll ask fourth and we will hear what God is has prepared for us in 2018 and beyond we will be equipping everybody we will receive I will be releasing prophecy the nation’s prophecy to the charts and individual prophecies with the ministry team so don’t forget you can go to our website
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Episode 296: Double Portion Restoration

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