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Episode 297: Heavenly Sowing and Reaping

The great commission and discipleship is from the seed (Jesus all-in-all) that He supplies, that we in the Body of Christ would be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.

Published: November 18, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso, Joshua Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time I want to thank all of you that have been praying for us and those of you who that have sowed seeds towards our upcoming mission trip were just a couple weeks away from shipping off Pastor Chris off to the Philippines she’s gonna be gone there for almost a month starting the beginning of November she’s gonna be flying out so I want to thank all of you guys that I’ve been praying for us that have sowed seeds towards helping us get there because it truly is fertile ground and we’re gonna see signs wonders and miracles happen in the Philippines so the message this week is kind of a two-fold message we’re gonna be taking a sermon from Pastor Chris from a couple of weeks ago and she addresses something very important because Jesus gave us the Great Commission and a Great Commission was to go into all the world to go into all the world and make disciples and the whole point of discipleship is that you disciple somebody you know as a minister as a follower of Jesus Christ you disciple people and then what happens is that they mature and then they go out on their own and they disciple more people and it’s it’s that seed that one seed that one disciple reproduces after themselves and that’s the model that Jesus gave us he didn’t give us you know a model that people come to church and they just sit and they fill pews you know they just sit in church they said they receive they get fed then they go on their daily life as ministers that should not be our goal our goal should not be to fill up seats in churches our goal should be to create disciples who can then go out and minister to other people so that’s the first thing that Pastor Chris dresses in this sermon and you’re going to be hearing that as well she also addresses the importance of we can’t as she says compartmentalize our walk with God okay our our walk with God it has to be all-encompassing in every area of our life and that’s gonna be reflected not only in our said bullshit but it’s gonna be reflected in our in our financial choices it’s gonna be affecting our relationships our business dealings and so it’s so important especially in the season so we’re going to listen in as pester Christa she talks about these things so I urge all of you to listen in to what she has to say and take her words to heart because remember you are all going to be sent out there to hold conferences and and in to minister and I said it’s not going to be just me because the church is going to emerge as a glorious church it’s not just a pastor all of us are because it is God’s will it is God’s desire that all men shall be prophets am I correct we ministers that issue and I are supposed to disciple people and then get smaller instead of you wanted it to be so big that nobody will be as anointed as you are then you are not fulfilling the purpose of the Great Commission we’re supposed to make disciples and expect them to do greater things than us because they’ve been walking with us they have seen us they show the mistakes they knew the mistakes and they will be inspired you will be inspired to do greater things oh when I’m on my own instead of doing this I will do that then that is your privilege that is your opportunity and you’re taking it and it gets better and better that’s what we’re supposed to do that’s why we need to focus on the new man so that our confidence is unshakable it doesn’t matter who comes a superstar or somebody who walked on water and said like well ask them the world praise the Lord I’m but it doesn’t matter you will not be shaken you will not feel threatened that everybody leaves if you all leave I got seven days a week to cause trouble someplace else you don’t you don’t try to own what you already accomplished but you look forward to getting deeper and higher in the things of God in the things of God okay and as far as the transfer of wealth you do not separate ministry with the way you live even on the things that you do or say when nobody is looking or when nobody is listening because God listens right so we do not separate our ministry work with our personal life it is all one there all there must be under the lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ our finances right our family the way we conduct ourselves there whether as as an employee or employer right everything about us is we should be Christian first and foremost in every areas of our life right so that God would be Lord of all and you know okay now and when you do that when Jesus is really the Lord not just the Savior not just a liberal but the Lord or the God the ultimate God of your life then everything else will fall into its place including your heart including your mindset because God is not going to waste any time the Holy Spirit is like I cannot sleep anyway and I have all-powerful and I’m all-knowing I am Almighty God then let’s let’s get rolling in in second Timothy chapter 2 let’s start with verse 1 you then my son be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus and the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses and Trust to reliable people okay who will also be qualified to teach others that’s you okay I said join with me in suffering like a good soldier of Christ Jesus no one is serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs but rather tries to please his commanding officer what God is saying is not you don’t get engaged in politics you don’t discuss politics you don’t vote no what Jesus is saying is a soldier’s main focus an instruction that he carried out is focus from the order from the commanding officer and who is the captain of the host okay so he must be front and center okay instead of divided that you are political here you’re an activist there and you lead a quiet life in here and then you put your halo on Sunday service okay it doesn’t it is who you are you cannot change who you are in Christ Jesus and thank God for that right and God will not change his mind that he called you and he said I cannot be proven wrong I like that but if I made up a rule Lord but I know are you going to carry it out you even cover things for me right okay and keep in mind when somebody will say you reap what you sow it did the kingdom of God okay but when you messed up run to Jesus so that he’ll cover for you because if that is applied you reap what you sow Jesus will stand in the gap and said father I’m going to reap what I saw Cristina is mine oh I’m untouchable and you are too if you believe in that okay okay where are we similarly anyone who competes as an athlete does not receive the victors crown except by competing according to the rules this is this is the one thing that we must when it comes to finances when it comes to management when it comes to the transfer of wealth this is a sum thing that we need to learn we play according to the rules hello just like a lot of Christians before we have the name Adam claimant that was in 1970s or 80s I just got born again but I was so in love with Jesus everybody can see it’s a new change and I thought almost by accident I was not taught with the rules and regulations immediately the Holy Spirit took over and I’m very grateful about that because of Agape and because Mike told me well sister Christina your sister and brother sister Christina you don’t need anyone to teach you you ask the Holy Spirit he’s your teacher I ran with that I never doubted it and something supernatural happened in my life pastor that I don’t hear that oh yes but I hate that board when they tell me I’m an agreement with you but it’s just like it’s just like they’re resurrecting the old self at the old man and the new men and they put some plant yeah but you know it would take you years to get there it will take you many years I’ve been in the minister for 15 years and that’s how I got here and I just like yeah where are you by getting this where are you and I’m still I mean aw of the Lord and I made him a promise at that time that every time I have opportunity I will provide a short cut for his people so that they can be trained like he training a few months after that I became a president of an apostolic prophetic ministry chapter here in San Antonio I cannot quote scriptures okay sometimes the Holy Spirit have to tell me the page number and somebody will tell me and have told Bonnie our president and Papa Jim the chairman of a gap international you know you know the according to Scripture you do not promote a new convert and Bonnie said but she’s no new convert she have been serving the Lord ever since he was a child and his maturity and things of God then it’s like are you talking about me matured I cannot quote scriptures are you getting this but it is not that it is not how many years have you been born again but a price it’s not the degree of your obedience in your relationship with God because he can show you a lot of things they can quote me scriptures but I can hear God there’s a difference they know about God and his ways but I know him intimately and that’s where you need to go okay I don’t want to get sidetracked but when it comes to awesome athlete took place by the rules you don’t apply the rule of NFL in two NBA and worked but a lot of times a lot of Christians when it comes to the transfer of wealth the wealth of the wicked is laid out would adjust the wealth of the wicked it’s laid out for the just okay but when it comes to Commerce when it comes to buying and selling when it comes to management and it’s like Jesus was right when he said the children of the world knows how to deal with their own kind than the children of the light I used to have problems with that and then you know my experiences in banking and then I joined Mike in furniture sales in contract and we hired Christians and unbelievers it is the Christians who gave us trouble I don’t feel led to work they take advantage of you I don’t feel led to work and I just like where are you and said I don’t feel led to work and I said okay do not get angry if I don’t feel led to pay you it is the same thing you’re supposed to be a Christian and said yes I am and I don’t have to prove that to you hello but it is amazing sometimes sometimes oh I feel led to do this and as if you’re obligated to help them out and then all of a sudden the things that that that me and my enjoyed us the honor they wanted to and much much more with no less work hello and they want to gain bargain basement prices I heard somebody who told me she’s been fasting and praying because the Lord told her that one of the car dealers owner is going to give her a new car do you know that owner no but the Lord told me and it’s like you have to figure out who’s your Lord are you getting this and it’s just like well but the Lord told me so I’m just going to show up and the Lord is classic that the Lord told me that I’m going to marry that person well the Lord has to tell that person took and that person needs to agree God will never force anyone according to your will he is such a gentle man he’s such an excellent man he’s not gonna force you hello he doesn’t even force his way in your life he always tell you even though you said no Lord right but he’ll know and even if you and if you don’t obey are getting this so we do not consider God’s ways of doing things and his heart into ours we just focus on what we want are you getting this it’s like the name of clean it there is this one person he isolate man says like this man gives me Eva jeebies and I just be honest with you all of a sudden the name and claim it he touched me and claim me and said you touched me again I’m gonna kill you naming and claiming I said putting somebody else are you getting this why would God forced one of his fabric daughters more into somebody who gives me the heebie jeebies hello have we not considered but know what we want is our personal thing and we distort the scripture this is what this is what Jesus is talking about that the children of the world knows how to do business with their own kind that the children of the light naming and claiming enhances like Lord can we just start all over again it’s just you and me I don’t have to deal with those and I said like it is why I called you to shed light to my heart and to my ways of doing things and so that is not for me are you getting this but we operate that way and we think it’s God and we have the audacity to really believe that that is from God and it is our right to step on others as if God is not Almighty that he can bring about the desires of our heart hello see I don’t hear any amen but I’m just going to continue to skin you alive you know we need a new wineskin in the same thing with with the dealing of business the scripture already said you do not get into anything or even build your house or your business without having a budget without having any business plan and you have to know how much it will cost because it says it will be a reproach it will not give glory to God if you did not complete anything okay well a lot of a lot of Christians they hide under a full-time ministry so that they don’t have to work believe me if you’re full time ministry you’d rather work because why this is a 24-hour responsibility if you take it seriously if you are not after your own things if you’re after God’s will and purpose it’s a lot of time and investment on your part which is a good opportunity because you will be tremendously blessed but it is unfortunate that okay when I go in a full-time ministry you don’t know what you’re talking about if you’re not in a full-time ministry now you will never be because you’re supposed to Minister the gospel we’re supposed to preach the gospel not by just preaching but by our lie the world out there that we’re supposed to be the light so wherever God sends us whether it’s in the work area you will be a light there you can pray you don’t have to praise you don’t have to quote scriptures how are you going to quote scriptures to hidden hello so you don’t need to do you don’t departmentalized who you are in Christ Jesus you don’t depart mentalize it you are you as a whole and we will be called ministers of our God am I correct I say 61 the spirit the Lord is upon me is that applied to you then it just doesn’t apply to me we have the same potential and God is going to use our training our personality for his glory so when it comes to the management of business this this fundraising and other things that an initiative that God is doing you do a good job and fulfill it work harder than anyone else and that will qualify you because you are now finding the rules in the kingdom God’s ways of doing things now will be smarter because jesus also said well in God all things are possible so we can be better than the children of the world because what Peter said who can then be saved with God all things are possible to them that believe believe in him okay and if you are one of those that the church is a charitable organization or nonprofit organization you are in a wrong ministry because the very first ever since the inception of this ministry Mike and I decided that we will finance the preaching of the gospel in power and the discipleship and most of the money that comes in more than 50% sometimes it’s 75% going on the training discipleship and salvation evangelistic and it’s not gonna change are you getting this so this is not a charitable organization I said yeah it is 501c3 but if they’re going to remove that it’s and so our preaching of the gospel is for the profit of all and we call it non profit organization because we are so afraid of the tax but no who cares if all of us are multimillionaires who cares if they remove the fiber one c3 but it has to come from us that every time you sow seed you look at it as your investment to God and your when you give you have to give to Jesus so that you don’t expect others to pay you back hello so how are we going to handle the transfer of wealth influence and affluence we’re going to look at it as a business for profit but not pattern to the ways of the world amen so we are operating we need to be in that for-profit mindset financially for the profit of all the nations and the benefit of God’s people and also the profit you know we’re investing time and energy and we expect results and those results can be in the form of financial gain money they can also be in the form of souls that we can give disciples that we can train it’s so important that we are in that mindset that we need to produce for the kingdom of God and that’s why you know often you’ll hear Pastor Chris speak out people that are in a constant state of begging you know they’re in a perpetual state of begging for petrol state of need saying oh but I have to preach the gospel I have to finance but they’re not progressing anywhere you know they’re not producing any results it’s really important brothers and sisters that we examine the fruits of those who are before us we want to invest in so our seeds in fertile ground amen so we are in a for-profit mindset for the profit of the kingdom of whether it’s in your business your finances profit of finances profit of souls profit for the kingdom of God we have to be in a producer mind sense that we’re going to produce as much as we can for the kingdom of God with what we’re given amen what we’re about out of time for today I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving as it’s coming up this week we have so much to be thankful for and we continue to thank God of the opportunities that he’s giving us each and every day so I want to bless all of you this year for that and I pray that all of you would you’d be able to enjoy time with family and also that we would all sit back and be reflective and thankful for the things that God has given us but again we’re pretty much out of time for today I also want to remind you of the prophetic gathering of the Saints which is coming up December 31st this year it I know it doesn’t sound like it’s that far away but it’s coming up and that’s going to be $60 per person and the prophetic gathering of the Saints let me tell you it really is every year God is able to one up what he did the last year and he he always reveals something new to us reveals new things to the body of Christ and there’s always some personal prophecy and some personal ministry as well so you don’t want to miss that it’s gonna be here in San Antonio at the Hilton Garden Inn at the rim and it’s gonna be $60 per person which which is gonna help cover the venue and it’s gonna cover your meal if you want to register go online to wws o GMA org and you can find it in the events tab again this wws o GMA org in addition don’t forget pastor chris is just a couple weeks away from going to the philippines so if you feel led to help support us as we are launching and she’s gonna be training ministers training young people businesspeople what we talked about about making disciples and many of them have already many of those that we have trained have already begun to minister and bring salvation save lives and bring people to Christ and they’re also producing many of them even though they’re living in a third-world country have become millionaires they’ve they’ve established businesses that are very successful because they they pursued God with with with passion so we’re certainly seeing results in the Philippines and if you want to support us in that endeavor you can also do that by going to our website
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Episode 297: Heavenly Sowing and Reaping

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