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Episode 298: Facing Your Goliaths

Happy Thanksgiving to you! This message, we’ll be revisiting a teaching from Pastor Cris about confronting the “Goliaths” in our life. When the entire nation of Israel fearfully focussed on Goliath, David fearlessly focussed on God and what God had revealed to him, quickly defeating the giant and saving the nation.

Published: November 25, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso, Joshua Sosso




this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time well we just had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner us at the Sasso household we were able to spend time with each other as a family and we also got a lovely dinner together also with our freedom fellowship family as well and so that was full of many blessings I hope that all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with all your family there’s few things more rewarding than being able to spend quality time with those that you hold dear but as we are going onward into our message for today we’re going to be revisiting and teaching from Pastor Chris that she shared with us this past Sunday about confronting the goliaths in our life because oftentimes when people talk about David and Goliath people frame it odd the way that people approach the story of David Goliath in a way is kind of perverted because they see it as something to where David was the one that was disadvantaged or David was the one who was supposed to be afraid or scared but if you read the scriptures David was not afraid David was not scared or intimidated by Goliath it’s it’s actually kind of funny because you’ll see if you read the scriptures the lieth hurled insults at David and he hurled threats and insults right back at Goliath he was very feisty he was very tenacious and it’s because he knew that he had God on his side and he knew that God had anointed him as king over Israel and that’s something that’s important for us to keep in mind is that God has called each and every one of us to something and if God has spoken a word over you and you take it is that this is true this is going to come to pass and you obey the word of the Lord then you don’t have to fear any of the Giants that come in your path because God has already set the path for you so it doesn’t matter well you know how big the problem looks because you have the word of the Lord on your side it’s just an interesting juxtaposition because Goliath was this huge intimidating threat who was taken down by a pebble and it’s just the idea that such a large problem in our minds is solved by such a small issue no such a small solution is really kind of funny so we’re gonna be listening in on pastor Chris about this as we move forward and I encourage all of you to listen to what she has to say and take those words to heart - it is important for us that when you receive a personal prophecy from God when you receive a vision it has not manifested yet okay you did not tell that could you please give me this kind of prophecy some of us we don’t even know it’s a prophecy okay but it feels so good it’s just like we may not understand anything here but it sounds so good because our new man is receiving it right it gets contaminated and get diluted when the old men try to raise up the resurrected cells and you start listening to your emotions and to your entire thought patterns but no matter what if God says this and he is not a man that he should lie right then he is going to break the pass and nothing nothing else if you believe on that if you focus that he’s God and you got that prophecy from you then stand your ground whatever happened that prophecy will continue to manifest it will manifest okay you know we always we always talk about David and Goliath but even the Christians their mentality is perverted oh we have this bar oh it’s just like David and Goliath like then why are you acting that way then you must be Goliath am I correct voices like David and Goliath could you please pray for us David did not act like that don’t you pervert the world baby just came in on an errand he was looking for his brother right brothers and then he started asking around I said what could be done for anyone to kill typical teenager what is it for me right and he was told oh and said you’re going to be rewarded tax-free right tax free and you’ll be famous and you get the girl hey tell that to a teenager fame fortune and a girl that’s all it matters to him because why he’s looking at the nine-foot thing we’re in he knew something that what he was anointed as the future king of Israel right and he still not sitting on the throne hello he’s not a king yet so what is your prophecy your tycoon you travel all over the world God has someone for you right you’ll be anointed you’ll be part of the transfer of wealth influence and affluence then why are you looking at your Goliath I Sarah you’re not David hello everybody’s quiet only if you’re looking at me are you getting this when you say it’s just like David and Goliath and I just like this is going to be a David and Goliath [Music] but this is one thing see it depends on your reaction and your thought patterns in your heart if you believe that Jesus is Lord over the issue because James chapter 1 count it all joy you don’t look happy to me you’re already in the civilians you don’t look happy to me hello David when David was anointed king over Israel he was just like us he was not even considered by his own father to be included in the candidates why can I not be loyal and grateful to Jesus when nobody else believed in me like he does even my parents believed in me but after a certain point but not him in 1st Samuel chapter 16 verse 11 and 12 it says so he asked Jesse meanings the Prophet sample are these all the sons you have there’s still the youngest Jesse answered but he’s standing the Sheep Sam who said sent for him we will not sit down until he arrives even David did not knew he just obeyed he was murmuring but can I say I just want to proceed the prophet of God no no no no no no no you belong to the Sheep right so he said and had him brought in he was ruddy with a fine appearance and handsome in features then the Lord said rise and anoint him he is the one I could guarantee you the brothers probably their mouth is like what and probably the mother fainted so Samuel took the horn aboard and anointed him in the presence of his brothers and from that day on the Spirit of the Lord came upon David so the experience of David at the hands of everybody including his family after he was annoying as the next king or future king of Israel is worse than what Cinderella received from her stepmothers and sisters it is worse those are stepmother and stepsister these are his own flesh and blood David was not treated well by his own brothers and father in even then what was he doing he was still pending the Sheep and he was an errand boy there was no FedEx at that time so he said there’s no FedEx FedEx don’t have any route the way the battle line is so go there and deliver some food right bread and what cheese and now the entire nation is focusing on Goliath the magnitude of the problem see each and every one of us no matter how good we are when we are starting up nobody except the prophetic words that will come upon you nobody really have this is like yeah you’re a good person yes you’re smart you can go far but nobody will ever believed and saw what is coming about your destiny on how great it is are you getting this why you say it can be great and it’s like you can have you can have spiritual children even though you’re single even though you’re young even though you’re old even though you’re a guy you can burst them in the ministry and you can lead people to Christ and they will get born again again are you getting this and you can lay hands on the sick and the sick recover and you don’t have even have a medical degree you can give with the word of knowledge that even your counselor and any psychiatrist in the world will not be able to do you can even predict the future how special you are that people would not know because they’re only looking at the eyes and material things but with us we look beyond here on earth as well as in heaven everything in us is spiritual and it’s of great magnitude okay and from that day on the Spirit the Lord came upon David now in 1st Samuel chapter 17 verses 4 through 7 he said a champion named Goliath who was from Gath came out of the Philistine camp he was over 9 feet tall could you imagine that he had a bronze helmet on his head and wore a coat of scale armor of bronze weighing 5000 shekels I don’t know how many pounds is 5000 shekels but I could guarantee you that’s heavier than me on his legs he wore bronze Greaves and bronze javelin was slung on his back his spear Shack was like a Weaver’s rod in his iron point–we 600 shekels his shield bearer went ahead of him so the entire nation focused on Goliath and when you focused on the magnitude of your problem you ended up giving to fear and will compromise that is assured and Goliath or your Goliath or Goliath will win over you because you will get neutralized once you start worrying once you start fearing once you start crying because you’re practically accepted defeat remember I can tell you what we’re having financial problem me and my and said oh you too I said yeah and I said I started looking for bigger houses mentioned I started going I’m going to start renovating the house because this is like and say you’re Goliath you’ll be chopped up in time I am David I do not fear even if it’s my own thing because your mind your mind is going to help Satan where are you going to get the money right are you going to get the money and then you look at your bills and your bills kept on coming and then not only that up CPS is due sauce is due that won’t cut you off right you’re going to lose your house and it’s like well I’ve got to lose my heart so that’s that’s problem if I’m going to lose my house who cares about CPS and sauce and if we’re going to do that and I said okay then let me let me find that let me find another house because if this is the house that God gave me then it’s my name I will lose it if only I will give it up you’re getting what about your reputation and it’s like who cares when you have your mansion your reputation with chains your reputation changes again this that’s the reasons why we should count ourselves of no reputation because it keeps on changing if we’re afraid of men then we will be afraid we’ll give in to fear because we’re afraid of what people will see us how we will be treated instead focus on how God is going to treat you in spite of everything hello so countries have no reputation so what but you do not retreat and go back and not do anything it’s just like you are in a battlefield and you have your gun and ammunition but you didn’t put any bullets in it because why because we are going to take the kingdom of God by force the force of our faith the profession of our faith in our action if you say well I don’t on it because it’s a Babylonian that’s a worse way you get into a covenant with the word zwei so how are you going to fix it by bringing the Word of God down towards that don’t tell me I don’t want to do it because the ways of the world you knew it’s the ways of the world when you came into it hello please don’t be religious it makes you feel better for a season but it’s not going to change any of your situation you get into that covenant knowing it’s the word system because why because we have not transformed it and apply God’s ways of doing things into that situation because we are still in the mode somebody God is going to open the gates of heaven and pour out money on us so that we can pay our bills or somebody else will do it then what it will be a great loss to you because because that is sure Goliath somebody else cut its head off it means to say that you are not yet ready for a greater work you are not ready yet for the transfer of wealth keep in mind that when you receive a promotion from God for him he looked at the end from the beginning in between is our walk of faith and the transformation God is not going to destroy the entire earth and start all over again no he wants us by his might transforming it hello and create it as a Garden of Eden here on earth well I don’t want it to do it because it’s a word sway well wouldn’t want to do it you don’t even think about anything you just automatically do it so don’t become Jews and said okay I will be so spiritual in this and said you are holy period hello you don’t pick and choose which one are you getting this bad if Christ okay so the entire nation focus on Goliath but David kept on reminding himself I’m an anointed king they don’t know but I will not and said and the Spirit of the Lord is upon me and this is like Goliath cannot kill me Goliath cannot kill me it hasn’t manifested yet so he remind himself and he even remind King Saul oh no I encountered a bear how did he encounter the bear because he was because the Spirit of the Lord was upon him because he was anointed king and I said like uh-uh you are my subject come here let me make a jerky out of you right the lion and the bear it’s why because the Spirit of the Lord is upon him we have a greater anointing we have the anointing of our Lord Jesus Christ we have the Holy Spirit here if we just clear our heads and apply and work it out instead of being retorted oh no I’m not going to do anything I’m going to let God do it and I said like I am and said you do it you drag God into it and then follow this instruction hello okay see how nice I am in first time I was 17 25 I want you to meditate this word now the Israelites have been saying do you see how this man keeps coming out if you do not slay your own Goliath it will keep on coming out you will get into cycle whether it’s a financial issue whether it’s a health issue if you don’t bring it into the ways of God it will keep on coming up and you yourself is the one who’s got to overcome it not anybody else hello remember you will not be an overcomer if you have nothing to overcome it’s all over the scriptures it’s one of the prophecies and instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ to him will overcome I will do this but you have to overcome not to be overcome by your Goliath not to not to overcome it through somebody else that’s why the psycho ship is important that’s why when you have people within your sphere of influence you don’t look at them a sheep you look at them as leaders like you in training and they are the one that you go to present to Jesus okay okay so you need to slay your Goliath face your own challenges and issues issues that they will hound you and they will keep on coming back there is only one way overcome it God’s Way okay not the religious way so Goliath came out so David find out the king will give great wealth to the man who kills him he will also give his daughter in marriage and will exempt his father’s family from taxes in Israel I mean are you getting this you need to face your own Goliath and if you don’t know how to handle it that’s why we’re here okay remember Galatians 4:1 even though the child owns the whole estate he is subject to guardianship and trustees we are the guardians and the trustees that when you are matured enough in the particular area and you have been trained how to handle finances then that will be released as much as you can handle as much as you can believe right we’ve been hearing that you’ve been hearing that from me for the past three years and there’s a reason behind that well there you have it so you know God he has a great inheritance for all of us and a great calling for all of us but it doesn’t matter if we’re being entitled to that inheritance because we can’t receive it until we become mature until we walk and step forward and obedience to the calling that God has for us because if we don’t reach that maturity then that inheritance that calling that position whatever it is that God has called for your life is going to remain in trust of guardianship so we have to step forward and receive the calling that God has on us and we have to walk forward in obedience amen so that’s about all the time that we have for today I just want to remind you all before we go that Pastor Chris is just a couple weeks away from heading off to the Philippines by the time you guys listen to this will be less than two weeks away from heading off to the Philippines and she’s gonna be leaving on the 5th of December and she’s gonna be there for almost a month and we’ve got all kinds of leadership trainings lined up prophetic schools business trainings youth trainings leadership trainings it’s a full schedule so I ask that you keep Pastor Chris and her team in your prayers while she’s overseas because she’s got a full plate ahead of her but we know that we’re gonna see miraculous results and signs wonders and miracles amen in addition to that don’t forget about the prophetic gathering of the Saints this December 31st it’s going to be $60 per person it’s we’re going to be hearing about you know the word of the Lord that God has for next year 2018 and let me tell you 2017 I mean it was a really busy year right it was there was so much that’s been going on in the natural and in the spiritual room but you know God every single year at the prophetic gathering he’s continued to show us more and more amazing things in each is better than the last so you don’t want to miss out on this so again it’s $60 per person and that’s gonna help cover the cost of the venue and your meal and it’s at the Hilton Garden Inn at the rim in San Antonio Texas you can find more information on our website at WWE and go to the events tab again that’s WWE so GMI org in addition if you guys want to support us and the endeavors that we have including this radio ministry including our mission trips and training sessions overseas and elsewhere around the world you can do so by going to our website

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Episode 298: Facing Your Goliaths

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