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Episode 300: The Reason for the Season

Philippine Christmas missions stories, plus “The nativity scenes are restored in the White House. Praise You Lord! Why? Because you and I pressed forward and we continue to celebrate this season [with] Jesus front and center of our celebration.”

Published: December 09, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




thank you for all of you who sowed seeds to this ministry we are and we will continue to expand our outreaches and I also want to thank you because I know that many of you are praying for me and the team praise God have you registered yet for our December 31st prophetic gathering of the Saints you need to do it now I have so much to share to you go to our website s OG mi dot org and click events again it is s OG mi dot org and it is going to be a formal sit-down dinner we’re going to do praise and worship and of course I’m going to release prophecies of the charts the nations and to you and I have so much to share with you and what God is doing okay so register go to our website SOG mi dot org it will cost you $60 per person that will pay for the venue and your dinner okay and here is a prophetic instruction for you for the body of Christ okay thus saith the Lord finish any pending items you’re supposed to finish and do or perform in 2017 believe me for them says the Lord trust me and take action accordingly make a room for what God is planning for you in 2018 in the end you will not regret it a lot of exciting awesome things and any challenges you’re facing right now pains or afflictions these are temporary you are passing through to the land of challenges keep on moving forward this is a great cheer the Lord has blessed us with this is a Christmas season we in the body of Christ if we believe and obey we always dictate the outcome every time yes we will continue to face challenges ahead but whatever challenge we conquer we own the testimony we own that victory we have become overcomers in Christ Jesus and it will cause us to be a better person and at the same time we will be able to help others and even with our mistakes we learn from them just don’t allow yourself to get stuck in difficult situations but look at these challenges as opportunities to glorify God to better yourself yes even on the situation’s you caused yourself okay call on God repent kick the devil right back be audacious don’t wallow in guilt condemnation or sadness Jesus is still in love with you and nothing can separate you from that love from his love we are receiving from the Holy Spirit revelations and we continue to gain a deeper understanding in the workings of God God’s ways of doing things it is a great time to be alive let our doctrine be Jesus Christ and him crucified and let us focus on the truth and throw away our man-made doctrines that do not produce supernatural results and embrace the new miraculous supernatural season in Christ our doctrine is Jesus Christ and him crucified and let us spread the love of God we will have the same power if we do that if we focus on God yes the same power that raised Jesus from the dead will manifest in our own lives okay in everything that we do that is a courtesy from the Holy Spirit our source of power through and in Christ Jesus you know we are in a season that it is so exciting and I am very very grateful Christmas celebration growing up in the Philippines is the most exciting holiday we celebrate in the Philippines and me and Mike made sure that our children grow up that Christmas is one holiday or holiday to look forward to in celebrating Filipino celebrate Christmas starting in the month of September all the way to January if you go there September Christmas lights and Christmas ornaments are already on display big time I like that they celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ for five months for those of you are saying that Jesus was not really born in December who cares if some people celebrate Christmas in April or during summer or fall or winter I will celebrate with them I don’t care if Christmas is commercialized all I care is Christ day the birth of our Savior is celebrated and that is all what matters to me I would like the retailers the stores the companies depending on Christmas sale to make profit I like them to bless Christmas the important thing was Jesus was born in Bethlehem he is the greatest gift that God gave us and he humbled himself because of his love towards you and me to live like a man born of a woman to lead a way to reconciliation with God the Father the creator of heaven and earth we can celebrate Christmas every day if you like as long as you don’t forget my Christmas presents and that is with an S I have so much things to thank God for it’s amazing there are so many things to even mention here on the radio I am thankful for our country I thank God for our country it is turning around towards righteousness yes I know I have prophesied in the summer and in September that things will be revealed we need to continue to thank God and praise God that things will continue to reveal then it will continue to throughout the rest of the year because of the anointing that is coming upon the body of Christ the yokes are getting destroyed and they are manifesting for us too to be able to address them and at the same time address the issues of our heart it is important judgment from God is good for the body of Christ those that are righteous and bad for the wicked so that they will repent and get saved so it is important for us to understand that but I am so excited for the rest of this year and what God will be saying to the body of Christ before the year 2018 and the end so don’t forget to register okay no I am NOT taking personal counsel to counsel or personal ministry because you’re so busy ok those who are hungry those who are desperate to hear the Word of God and to be a part of the fellowship of the or the gathering of the Saints on December 31st they are the one that the Holy Spirit is going to really blessed press down shaken together and running / okay so so there is no special there’s no special treatment in the bat of Christ the ones that will get the special treatment are the ones who took the effort paid the money got in line and waited okay and now for this season in 2017 for the first time in many years Christmas is front and center in this country from the White House all the way down to our own homes the nativity scenes are restored in the White House praise You Lord why because you and I pressed forward and we continue to celebrate this season being Jesus front and center of our celebration you know one of the memories that changed my life and Davina’s is one Christmas season in the Philippines there was a massive flooding in the Philippines that devastated the entire region thousands even hundreds and thousands of people died and sickness and disease just I never seen so many sickness and disease in my life and many lost their homes upon the direction of the Lord we rallied our brothers and sisters in the Philippines and they saw the seeds they became a partner with this endeavor and also our partners and members here a sense of God international and freedom fellowship charts sowed one of the greatest seed and one of the greatest relief effort we have ever sowed in this ministry we ordered groceries and milk and even simple as toiletries and I think they lost everything we were able to distribute 1200 plus grocery bags and food that will last each family a week and we’re able to send out or hand out Christmas goodies to more than 3000 children Mike Davina and Enzi and Maria Elena we went to the clearance store in Arlington Texas and we bought nice clothes brand-new and thank God because since it was wintertime all of the summer clothes were on clearance we filled my van with goodies and clothes and we shipped them I think we shipped about six big boxes ahead of us and me and Davina brought about four big boxes more my youngest daughter Erika and the Venus youngest daughter Alexa had so many nice clothes that they have outgrown you know those church clothes those fancy girlie girlie clothes so we took them to the cleaners and took them with us we went in a very remote place that got isolated for about two weeks because of flooding miraculously majority of the houses remained intact but their toilet seats all got washed away except for one house one particular house that is next to the church building that is for me and Davina the Holy Spirit prompted them before before before we went there the Holy Spirit prompted them to to fix the toilet the bathroom first and foremost see see the Holy Spirit prepare for everything and if you if you’re sitting on the commode you can you you look at the ceiling you still can see the watermark on the ceiling two businessmen offered us to you the use of their trucks for this relief effort and two nurses traveled with us to render first eight and we bought medicine and I was assured I was assured that those medicine will be will be more than enough for a three day relief effort those medicines got all used up on our first day and we bought some we brought some Bibles those are the first one to go people were fighting for the Bibles because their Bibles got washed away including the pastor’s so Davina and I ran out of money but that’s another story in the meantime we distributed tickets to households and we asked them how many children and how old so that we all know how to package the goods so that no one will be turned away and in this charts building we have hundreds and hundreds of children waiting for their goodies and for their goodie bags they’re holding their tickets they were so patient when we got there they’re already lined up so we have to accommodate enough to fill the charts ministered to them lay hands on them and give them their gifts and I think I don’t know how many times we pray for the children and then we bring a few more hundreds but it was awesome and before we gave its children their goodie bags we explained to them the true meaning of Christmas and they got to sing happy birthday to Jesus they sang with all their hearts and many got healed and they also receive clothes I never forget about this girl she’s about eight or ten and she was she was lame kept walk I took out one of the prettiest dress I think that it came from Alexa and dangled the dress in front of her and I told her if you’re going to walk because Jesus wants you to walk then this dress is yours and she look at that dress he smiled and and she did she walked not only she walked again but she got the prettiest dress and we added another one for her god is good three thousand-plus third Jesus loves them and that they’re all special in his sight and that he knows their name this is what Christmas is all about and you know our children they receive their presence - they enjoyed it I got my presence - God never forget us but we gave glory to God and one time we took a mic and I took our children and other children from the ministry in the Philippines and we gave out Christmas presents on the kids and our children here our children here a team from the USA got to minister to more than thousands of children in that trip and they never forget there was this one boy about ten years old when he came and went to the prayer line and when asked he asked for a specific prayer he said he doesn’t want to die he wants to live I heard him I was on the other line and I heard him his request is not the goodies but he doesn’t want to die but he wants to live the Holy Spirit immediately showed me that he had an enlarged heart he was having a hard time in in walking so after the children prayed for him I prayed for him and I prophesied for new heart and gave him his goodie bag and a shirt once we finished praying for everybody I was looking for him well we saw the same boy who can’t hardly walk on top of a tree playing with other children so he got healed the Lord replaced his heart he is now a teenager you know having this kind for our children having this kind of experience and witnessing other children’s their needs and their challenges my own three children were so thankful and grateful to God for what they got and how blessed they are my middle son James was about seven or eight at that time came to me and said mom I’m not going to complain anymore if I don’t get the game or the toy that I want and said I look at them and I said like I am grateful to God isn’t that amazing so when we arrived here on Christmas Day in all the stores or the grocery stores are closed and we didn’t have any food to eat and Mike had to go to a pharmacy who are open 247 anyway and he bought anything that is digestible we had the most wonderful time and the kids never complained because of the blessing and the opportunities and their eye-opening experience they got in the Philippines with those children it was one of the best Christmas that I can remember because our children are now more grateful than ever and it is true it is through giving that you will realize how blessed you are you know what those children that we ministered many of them are now teenagers some of them are adults and they’re still serving God Jesus is so right when he says that he is always right anyway that it is more blessed to give than to receive by the time that this program is aired Joshua and I we are either finishing up the last conference or training in the Philippines or we are heading back home from our mission trip for the Philippines we will share with you some of the highlights but we have to wait for that and you have to come to the prophetic gathering of the Saints because as soon as we land as soon as we arrived me and Joshua will isolate ourselves again to prepare for the prophetic gather of the saints with Mike and the ministry team it is an amazing year it is an exciting year and it may be challenging but you look behind you you realize that you are a survivor you are victorious and you didn’t die from anything because God will always see you through and me also but anyway I want to remind you about the prophetic instruction for the remainder of this year finish your work do not let things undone address any pending items make things right with your loved ones Express how much you appreciate one another so your seed for the end of this year for the season greater things are yet to come as much as you can receive as much as you can handle as much as you can believe God for it is yours it takes trust and obedience and always focus on our Lord Jesus Christ what a way to live you know what in spite of all the struggles I’ll share you some of them even this year and how much I struggle just to go to the Philippines physically and everything else but you know what I will never trade my life for anyone and anything here on earth in spite of the many challenges with Jesus because I’m an overcomer I’m so here I am a fighter I am determined to finish my race so I continue and I thank God for the year 2017 and you need to do that too and there is another revelation and a prophecy for you I discussed the appointed time and I will revisit that again in 2018 is this it is important this is for you too the appointed time for the body of Christ to rule and reign with Christ here on earth has come embrace the changes the Holy Spirit would take us higher and deeper revelation 1:6 and revelation 5:10 say say that God created us to be kings and priests to rule and reign with him here on earth we will make his enemy his footstool keep reminding yourself that okay Merry Christmas everybody happy holidays it is a great season because Jesus is the reason for the season right even so come Lord Jesus again I want to give you the opportunity to register for the prophetic gathering of the Saints I forgot to ask Deb and Davina what is our cutoff date but don’t forget to register go to our website s OGM and click events you will pay $60 for the registration fee per person and the attire is formal ok and I think it was posted on the website whether you want the salmon you want you want chicken or steak you can indicate that and what a way what a way to celebrate the new year that is knowing what God is saying to the church it is after all this is the prophetic voice it is one of the many voices that God has chosen to raise up for such a time as this and we need to recognize them by their fruits amen and the fruit is the supernatural things result and if you obeyed your personal instruction things will manifest and Jesus Christ gets the glory you’ll benefit and God’s people will benefit awesome

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Episode 300: The Reason for the Season

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