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Episode 301: Spiritual Authority (Featuring Ptr. Charles Wickliffe)

God is really purposing in our hearts to prepare for this time and for what He has in store. Pastor Cris invited Ptr. Charles Wickliffe to elaborate more on the topic of spiritual authority.

Published: December 16, 2017

Speakers: Nicole Mendoza, Charles Wickliffe




my name is Nicole Mendoza and I’m filling in for Pastor Chris and Joshua while they are away on a mission trip in the Philippines we’ve already heard a little about some of the great events going on over there and we are so excited to hear more from them about what God is doing and I’m sure you are as well one of the prophecies released over the church said that whatever’s going on in the spiritual realm overseas in the Philippines would mirror what is occurring here in the US and actually last Thursday December 7th we had snowfall in San Antonio Texas for the first time in decades now that change in the atmosphere carries major significance because about this time last year Pastor Chris had prophesied that when snow covered bear County it would signal God’s appointed time for us and interestingly enough Jessica the snow began to fall here Pastor Chris and Joshua were beginning their conference in the Philippines now the greatness of the season we are in has been a major topic at the forefront of the teachings being shared through this ministry in this season with in recent broadcasts we’ve covered restoration sowing and reaping slaying Goliath and revelation for our time God is really purposing in our hearts to prepare for this time to prepare for what he has in store and one of the things we really have to take a hold of is spiritual authority pastor Chris invited one of the members of our church Charles Wickliffe to elaborate more on this topic so let’s listen in on the message he shared this morning we’ll have a great surprise for you I have a double barrel portion of anointing yes goodie supernatural amazing revelation understanding and far far more right I asked Charles who is a minister who is also a pastor that probably some of you don’t know to share this morning african-style we need that juice here at Freedom Fellowship Church right okay so that’s further ado Charles first I want to devote the glory to God for this privilege to be here to stand before you wonderful people of God I might provide appreciation to Pastor Chris and Pastor Mike I am humbled to stand in the understand purpose as a pastor friends the Lord pastor Chris has been teaching us about spiritual authority and we thank God because knowing who you believe in being correctly aligned under the power of God will enable you to benefit from the authority and this way I want to talk this morning about the believers Authority the believers Authority because Christ is our source we have Almighty God whose name is El Shaddai he is god almighty all-powerful God and this same God as his son Jesus Christ whom he has given all the powers the Bible tells us about Jesus told us after his resurrection at all palace in heaven on earth has been given unto me and decent power and authority Jesus has also given to us the church the believers because if we traces from the very big when God was about to create man after creating every other thing is a let us make man in our own image that he might have dominion that is authority over every other thing that he has created but man lost it in the Garden of Eden he lost that authority and since then God has been looking for opportunity to restore man back in his authority and we tangoed for Jesus Christ that he restored the authority not to mankind as a whole but to those who would believe in him and that is we are you and I coming Jesus has given us his power his authority and you all as the Bible says is working for you and I to manifest because until we really manifest things should not be right but the all creation knows that when you and I manifest we would you and I would not live a darkness sickness would be a thing of the past poverty would not be found amongst us but rather will operate in the power and the might of Jehovah God praise the Lord I want to look at the Word of God this morning and I want to start from the Book of Luke chapter 19 and I’m going to talk briefly about what I call occupied till I come reading from verse 12 to 13 so Jesus told the disciples a parable instead therefore in certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return and he called his 10-7 and delivered them 10 pounds and said unto them occupy till I come many of us have looked at this parable us relating to stewardship it is true but by the grace of God I’m going to use it as my basis for believers Authority this morning because the master told his servants occupy till i call the word occupy is a military lingo because occupy order is in verb is from the world occupation which is a noun and when we talk about occupying it means taking possession of its territory a place that do not belong to you but occupying that place having authority in that place we have a very good example for those of us contemporarily how Russia occupied Crimea and work led to the first Iraq war when Iraq occupied Kuwait’s Amen the definition I have is that occupation is an effective control by a certain ruling power over a territory which is not under the formal sovereignty of that entity without the volition of the actual sovereign in short it means a power or force taking control of the territory that does not belong to it amen and Jesus has told us to occupy the icon we are not from here everyone is our home but the master has given us a mandate Lutz I am going I will come back but while I go you occupy this place till I call the Church of God is like a military under the command of Jesus Christ as believers we are in this world but not of this world so we have to occupy this place take effective control of whatever is happening on this earth for our master because he is coming back and is coming to reign and rule for a thousand years amen like I said the creation is waiting eagerly because everything that God has done for you and I every blessing that we have received every miracle every talents that we have every opportunity that he has given us he has given them to us for one thing for also be able to occupy in this place and use them for his glory praise the Lord and that is where we come in as priests and kings because until we realize our identity until we know that the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead dwells within us that we have been given that authority by our Lord Jesus Christ who asked all authority over everything the Bible says that God has highly exalted him æneas given him a name a name that is above every other name on earth in heaven and on earth and underneath the earth that at the name of Jesus every knee it does not matter what kind of me the most open because the name of Jesus is our certificate of authenticity when we use that name because that name is backed up with authority when we use that name every situation that we find ourselves in every situation that imagine given to us sooner we can use it for ourselves and for those that are around us to set the captives free to open blind eyes to take over in the marketplace and to be a glory this s former master Prince the Lord Jesus said when I was talking to his disciples that I give you authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions are called for every power of the enemy when I I like the King James Version because it when it was I to say that and nothing shall by any means hot you witness as you are trampling upon the palace of the enemy as you are destroying their works no matter what they do they cannot succeed against you because the power and the Spirit of God is with you there is something in law that is called delegated authority that is where a principle somebody that has authority to do something now gives that authority to someone else as agents and whatever that agents those carries the same potency a seed is the principle that did it and that is what Jesus has done for us with his name the authority that when we do something L as it is as if it gives us that Diddy’s once we do it in his name Amen because that name is a name that is respected in heaven on earth and underneath the earth so when you said something and you say in the name of Jesus the kingdom of darkness comes to attention the areas of God want to carry out that instruction because it is the name of Jesus Christ before you are now to really exercise this Authority effectively Jesus said that you must stay connected to him because when you decide not to be connected then there is a problem that is where you will speak and there is no authority backing up what you are saying because in certain John 15 verse 5 that I am divined you are the branches if you remain in me and I in you you will bear much fruit apart from me you can do nothing without Jesus there is nothing that we can do but we tango that he has given us that authority for Apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me without Jesus we can do nothing but with Christ we can do all things and that is we are the secret and the power is stay connected stay connected to Jesus stay connected and allow the Spirit of God to did you for those that are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God so you know that no matter what it is that you are going through no matter the situation that is confronting you all you need is that name that name that has been given to you and I and that name does not respect any situation or circumstance the name of Jesus as long as were standing you are connected and we are standing right you can be sure that he will intervene because he said in John chapter 18 verse 19 he said I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven that whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven now whatever you blues yelled to be loosed in heaven I stand so much on that world because I believe that as believers if only we will continue to start on the word of Jesus and says whatever you say yes to I will say yes to it in heaven and whatever it is that you refuse I will refuse it for you and you tell God this situation this yes this family situation Lord adult watches I don’t like it take care of it he sure will because it lost you so much and he will always always all know his world in his in the life of his people he has given us that authority this world he has given us his power and every believe I need to understand that as long as I am Alive as long as I’m under the spiritual authority of Christ then I have a believers Authority and it is not left to you and I to operate and to use that authority to take care of our lives our situations and circumstances and to benefit others because in doing so God would be glorified praise the Lord amen finally Jesus said in John chapter 14 the believers Authority is that whatever you ask in my name it reduces if you ask for some things in my name is that whatsoever and my understanding whatsoever means whatsoever whatsoever you ask in my name because as long as you are still being led by the Spirit of God whatsoever you ask because we are being led by the Spirit of God is according to the will of God so when you now stand and ask under the living of the Holy Spirit Jesus will honor it jesus said I will do it that is a signed blank check just put anything you want on it and Jesus will do it elevate this is the believers Authority and for you to effectively exercise this Authority well you must be born again be a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and use that name the name of Jesus to take care of situations and circumstances in your life and in the life of others secondly faith is the most in fact faith has confidence in the power ability and willingness of God to help you many of us don’t have problems with the power of government know that God has the power to do it many of also have problem with the ability God is able it is the willingness because some who say well I don’t know whether I got me do it because I am this I am a sinner I have done this I am not worthy but I tell you today God is always willing and ready to intervene in your situation and help you number three our motivation but as in everything that we do first Corinthians chapter 16 verse 14 says do everything in love whatever it is that we find ourselves to do let us do it in love when you are even counseling others do it in love when others need to be disciplined do it in love I remember some time ago when I was two maybe in high school I did something my father was very very cross because he used to tell me that those boys in our the area that I grew up many of them are Muslims that I don’t want you to interact with them don’t interact with them another that I don’t have friends those are the only people that is where I don’t want you to copy them so one of these days I went and I went to the house of one of them and my father came out he was starting on the balcony of our house I was calling my name where are you where are you my friends came and said your dad is looking for you said I’m in trouble today so we waited eating because people are coming out to check he knew that I was in there so he will change after a few minutes he went inside but I said we do by that very balcony and he went inside and opened the window just a little as I okay nice ideas go inside as I ran to cross the street he just came out and say come I said yes today is the day that day when I got inside he stripped me and he came to me and I went to sleep I remember him telling my possibly you know I don’t like beating him I don’t like to kill him but he would not be same you know and I could hear that in my sleep I knew that my father loved me but he had to discipline me and I thank God for the discipline because if not probably my love love will have been like this and I’ve gone astray so the same thing with God it lost you so much so much that they will not allow you to do something that will have a negative effect on your destiny so at times you may have to discipline you at times you may have to tell you no no that is doing it in love and finally God says that whether we eat or drink or whatever we do do it all for the glory of God as long as you are guided by this as long as you allow yourself to be led by the Spirit of God you will stand and take your place stand your ground against the forces of wickedness thirty enemy we are to go Chelsea pressures and circumstances that are not favourable that God is with me and I’m using this authority that he has given to me I’m situations who change Amen believers Authority you have it it’s inside of you use it today it is important for us that this is the appointed time for freedom faucet charts look at your neighbor and said I am grateful to the Lord I’m part of this awesome right and we are going we’re going to occupy until he comes you can make a declaration you can claim the people to be those that are giving you a lot of trouble you can pray for their salvation and I guarantee you you’re gonna see it turn around and they will be a part of your offering to Jesus he wants Souls say right and in the meantime God is going to give you something to correct to clean out or to upgrade everything that we have touched so far as long as they’re clean right don’t touch unclean things because a part of our heritage is wherever you place your hands to itch or prosper for the glory of God so do not touch unclean things so get excited and continue to talk to God if I were you I document everything if you’re going to document it and date it when it start manifesting the Holy Spirit remind you remember when I ask you to pray for this and now it manifested then you’ll hear Jesus thank you it’s just like now I don’t cry anymore when Jesus thanked me I said it’s an honor and a privilege Lord and I’ll do it again amen that should be our goal in each and every season and as we’re entering a new year let that be our focus in our walk with the Lord speaking of new years the prophetic gathering of the Saints will be here in just a few weeks make sure you register as soon as possible because space is limited will usher in the new year with worship fellowship and personal and corporate prophecies to the body of Christ

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Episode 301: Spiritual Authority (Featuring Ptr. Charles Wickliffe)

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