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Episode 303: The Set Time Has Come (Featuring Ptr. Mike Sosso)

Pastor Mike shares on the set time we’re in. This is the appointed time for the destinies that God has called to manifest in the Body of Christ, for the Church to realize who she is and the job that God has given her to accomplish in the earth before He returns.

Published: December 30, 2017

Speakers: Mike Sosso, Joshua Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time well I have exciting news me and Pastor Chris we just returned from the Philippines just last week just in time for Christmas we were able to spend time with friends and family and our church family as well so that was a great blessing but you know we’re still kind of recovering from the trip so you’re actually going to be hearing from Pastor Mike this week as he talks about the appointed time and it truly is the appointed time of the Lord God has so much in store for us this next year 2018 and we’re actually going to be talking about it this weekend at the prophetic gathering of the Saints here in San Antonio and let me tell you we’re really excited to hear what God has in store for us in the prophetic gathering of the Saints because every year it’s been more miraculous it’s been more amazing God’s revealed more and more to us each year so that’s so exciting but I’m not gonna waste any time you’re going to be hearing from me and Pastor Chris as we’re gonna talk about the Philippine trip what God did there and he really did a lot he opened a lot of doors and he really moved miraculously while we were in the Philippines so you’re gonna be hearing out that in the coming weeks so look forward to that make sure to tune in next week in the next couple weeks but without further ado I present to you Pastor Mike Sasso father I yield myself to you I don’t have anything to say here unless you say it so I yield my vessel to you Holy Ghost say this with me I’m hungry for a word from God I need manna from heaven to chart my course to keep my feet on solid ground and to ignite my path with the power of your word and your Holy Spirit to fulfill my destiny that you have for ordained me to walk in in Jesus name Amen the set time has come to God do you know there’s a set time for every purpose the Bible says in Ecclesiastes it says to everything there is a purpose and a set time for everything under heaven Ecclesiastes chapter 3 and I’m gonna tell you this is the appointed time for the destinies that God has called to manifest in the body of Christ for the church to realize who she is and the job that God has given her to accomplish in the earth before he returns because Jesus is not coming back until his bride is fully adorned and fully dressed and walking in the power of His Holy Spirit not being moved by any wind of doctrine but his word tuned completely to the Holy Ghost and moving and ruling and reigning in his spirit that time is now hallelujah so father we give you praise it’s not anything we’ve done Lord but it’s a set time that you have ordained before the foundations of the earth to manifest in this season we’re hungry for it Lord we will not take any glory we’ll give you all the glory all the honor and all the praise expect miracles to manifest in your life expect them cuz that is God’s purpose for you that the kingdom of heaven would manifest everywhere you go he says I’ve given you the keys I mean I’ve got keys in your pocket in your backpack in your purse what that key do for you you make that car run get in the house get into business you can unlock the file you can go that safe-deposit box you can get whatever that key turns he said I have given you the keys come on I have given you the keys to the kingdom of heaven that is the mantle that’s on the church in this day are you with me amen you know when I first got saved I came out of the tradition of the Catholic Church and the Lord showed me as a child some of y’all heard my story how even as a little boy you know I said God do you really live in that box you know my brother had told me that God lives in that little box where they keep the crackers you know and if you let that and if you let the candles go out when you become an altar boy he leaving and I said well golly you know so I asked the Lord I said Lord do you really live in that box and he answered and he said I’m everywhere ok that makes sense to me so you ain’t stuck in the box religion puts God in a box but God ain’t eating no box ain’t stuck in the box are you and me and and sometimes our traditions have put God in boxes and sometimes we don’t receive the fullness of what he’s got for our life cuz we paint we built this little box and if it doesn’t fit in the box it ain’t happening got him in your box are you with me we got to get out of the box and move with the spirit of god jesus said to the woman at the well he said there comes a time and even now is when they that worship the Lord will worship Him in spirit and in truth that time is now be led by the Holy Ghost nothing she’ll in any way harm you are you with me these signs shall follow them that believe how many believers do we have in this place how many all believe God how many all believe the Word of God how many all believe Jesus Christ died and paid the debt for everything you’ve ever done everything you’ve ever said everything you didn’t do you were supposed to do Jesus Christ paid that price for you and me hallelujah so it’s not what you’ve done or haven’t done it’s what he did and has done for you it’s what he didn’t complete it for you and me hallelujah that all honor and all glory and all praise would go to his name are you with me and so this season that we’re in we’re coming out of the box guys are you with me that’s where we are but I began to see that the traditions of men in the earth and is in the in the how do I say this in the holy ghost tongue talking Pentecostal Church then I saw as a young boy in the cathodic Church if you would where they were putting God in a box I didn’t even know it and as a teenager I had a vision where they were trying to make me a priest they’re trying to make me a priest and I didn’t want to be a priest I said god I’m gonna be a priest on one condition you tell me I’ll do it otherwise forget it I mean I’m telling you the trouble I figured I need to have a family you know and it’s never trying to recruit me and I was like no God I you know I mean I said that’s it ain’t no way I can’t make that decision you got to make that decision so if you show up I’ll do it otherwise forget it I had enough sense to not be pressured by man don’t be pressured by man don’t be pushed into something that God is not calling you into but what God is calling you into I’ll tell you guys gonna call you someplace you’re not gonna be comfortable he’s gonna tell you to do something you’d never do on y’all he’s gonna give you a job to do you can’t do on your own and it is not gonna be comfortable no high levels hectic come on don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good so he’s telling you to do some things and you don’t wanna do but that’s okay cuz you can’t do but he’s gonna do them through you if you just let go and let God are you with me and trust God and obey don’t try to figure it out we get in trouble John figured out he didn’t ask you to figure it out he didn’t tell you to figure out he just told you to do what I tell you to do open the door right just just a way that little step of obedience right and and he didn’t tell Abraham how and he didn’t even tell him where he was going he just said leave your father’s house to a land I’m gonna show you so what do y’all know about that you got to just leave your father’s house get up and go are you with me that’s faith I love what pastor Chrissie’s faith is a you’re on a need-to-know basis you know I mean I’ll never been in the military anybody ever been in the military when they tell you no the commanding officer gives an order and he tells the troops go over here do they need to know why no they don’t need to know why they just needed to know go and do exactly what I tell you to do you see we are on assignment and we’re not we’re not in control of the big picture God is in control of the big fiction are you with me so all we got to do is what he tells us to do and do it in faith and do it it’ll and do it in joy and get excited because the reward he says my reward is with me to give everyone according to their works that what you do for me are you with me 2017 was amazing I go back and look at what happened in 2017 like man glory to God we’re seeing changes all across our nation right now in the world and we’re seeing changes in the business arena we’re seeing changes in the entertainment arena we’re seeing changes in the political arena we’re seeing changes in the in the sports arena we’re seeing changes hallelujah changes good a man’s guts God’s glory is coming on the earth are you with me Oh hallelujah amen if you want to be anointed how many all well first of all how many all are anointed Amen who anointed you the Holy Ghost that’s right but there are appointments and there are connections that God will make in your life there’s a place that you have to go to get what God has for you sometimes you know when the Lord and when I told the Lord God if they’re still apostles and prophets walking the earth I want to know him company come on but now I’m seeing the traditions of man again make the Word of God of no effect we wonder why the powers not happening why we see occasional miracles we don’t see it every day why he says your traditions the traditions of men pride alive deceitfulness of riches choke the word make it unfruitful right jesus said my sheep hear my voice did he say that you know I’ve heard you talk to God you sure did and guess what he talked to me I’m telling you well do you hear now I don’t always hear I’ve have heard inaudible wasn’t only a couple times but it’s it’s an inner witness I experienced that inner witness the first time in my life when I six years old I didn’t even understand what it was but I knew because when the truth comes he says when the truth comes the Spirit of Truth that’s the Holy Ghost the spirit of truth comes you can witness whoa I know that’s right that’s why no man will be able to have an excuse when they stand before the Lord Jesus Christ nobody can have any know you never the Holy Ghost reveals truth to every human being there will be no excuses when you stand before Jesus are you with me and in Isaiah chapter one oh my gosh verse 26 she said which is a scripture that the Lord you know how many all know sometimes you read the word and something just jump out at you and and you get this little seal a moment you know what Selah means to cease meditate ponder this think upon this the Holy Ghost to give you a seal ah moment in the word and he’ll do that miss like and you just keep coming back to that same Selah meditate on this and I just just jumped out of it Wow the Lord said I will restore the judges as at the first and I counselors as at the beginning well you’re in the NIV I won’t restore thy leaders as in the days of old your rulers as at the beginning and afterwards you will be called the city of righteousness the faithful City King James says I will restore that judges as they were in the days of old well who would the judges in the days of old well Moses was a judge for sure the apostles and prophets were the judges in the days of old apostles in the Old Covenant oh yeah sent by God is what apostle means one sent Jesus was the apostle of our phasee he’s the Apostle he sent one of God Epis taluk is sent by God but he says I will restore thy just a and see I had told the Lord I said God if they’re still apostles and prophets walking the earth and I’d come out of traditions of man coming back in and the Lord showed me apostles and prophets still walking there I went to one of the elders said hey brother let me show you scripture and and and he’s what is Mike and I showed him reasons for you know 11 12 13 by got a points in the church it doesn’t say he appointed it’s not past tense its present tense and forward tense God is the same today yesterday and forever he does not change the way he does things he’s doing it the same he doesn’t change but we got change we got to remove from our minds and our spirits everything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God everything and anything what does this bring into captivity right every thought was that Corinthians 10:4 it said current is 10 right bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ The Anointed the obedience of the anointing to be lined up with the anointing and see when the Lord showed me they were still apostles and prophets in the earth I said Lord if there’s people that you have chosen men don’t choose apostles by the way men don’t anoint and appoint prophets come from God does not come from men are you with me the gift things of God are without repentance well God has called you to do nobody else can put that on you and there’s a lot of people in the church that have presumed a position of authority that was never given by God therefore there’s no anointing but the anointing is residing upon those that God has appointed are you with me and so I said God if they’re still around I want to know him wouldn’t mind travelling with him maybe you could make me one and then he introduced me to this woman beautiful woman you know all I mean makeup and fingernails and you know dress immaculate just you know and my elder sister in the Lord Bonnie a prophet and then a possible and boy that’ll shake up your doctrine and so I went to the Lord about it and I said God and going back to this scripture judges as they were in today’s know amazing there was a woman judge in the days of old over Israel who told the kings what to do so all this you know male/female stuff you know in the kingdom of heaven God said there’s neither male nor female that’s what Paul said so what are we all messed up with I mean thank God there are okay there’s no gender confusion Here I am a man I was born that way okay and I thank God but in the kingdom of heaven I’m not a man I’m a son of God are you with me we go back to the likeness of Adam himself Jesus himself we’re not we’re not stuck in gender and I have to take on the feminine persona of a bride are you with me so so this this gender thing is just for us to understand intimacy to understand the intimacy of God and man how he wanted us to be in are you with me but God said I will anoint and appoint the judges as they were in the days of old that season has already come and there’s judges walking the earth and even now who are in the midst of them are you with me that are releasing the thus saith the Lord that will always come to pass God’s Word will not return void but will accomplish that for which he sends it when it is sent from the mouth of his witnesses his anointed vessels are you with me and that season is upon us and afterward he said I what you will be called the faithful City the city not forsaken Zion shall be redeemed with judgment and her penitent ones with righteousness those who humble themselves before the Lord we’re gonna stand unashamed before him are you with me amen and the season we’re in writing us a powerful season I want us to turn to Daniel chapter seven and I told you as I was in that church I was like Lord what is up with this what is up what is what is up with this scripture this this endtime eschatology stuff that’s just oh so tossed me then I was meditating in Daniel one day and the Lord said to me said Mike he said the only thing that you are responsible for is the things that I revealed to you and the things you understand the things you don’t understand you’re not responsible for so if you don’t understand those things obviously if any man lack wisdom let him ask I mean it the Bible says that it is the honor of the Lord to conceal a man or the glory of God to conceal a matter and is the glory of kings to seek it out so if there’s something you don’t understand go to the Lord and the same anointing that you received the anointing of the Holy Ghost will lead you in all truth you don’t need a man to teach you Pastor Chris has said and I love this she says I’m not a student of the Bible I’m a student of the Holy Ghost be with me the Holy Spirit is our teacher and he he no respecter of persons he’ll teach you just like he teaches me back he’s waiting on you some of y’all ain’t been there and while you need to go to school you know y’all been playing hooky the Holy Ghost said you know crying out in the streets and y’all playing playing basketball or something y’all you know you know you’re not in school you’re not gonna get you diploma you can go graduate are you with me but the Holy Spirit is your teacher amen individual he knows exactly what you need this is a personal tutor this is the best kind of education you will ever get this is not uh this is not a one-size-fits-all this is exactly what you need are you with me that’s the Holy Ghost he will teach you exactly what you need go to him with everything just go to him and he’ll build you and strengthen you encourage you and and and he’ll answer you questions so I said Lord what’s what’s up with this you know he said Mike the only thing you need to you’re responsible are the things I showed you that you better do if I reveal something to you you’re responsible to keep it and do it are you in me and I’ll hold you accountable to it he says but the things you don’t understand what’s the glory its glory the lord to conceal the matter it’s the glory of a king to seek it out and when lord show me so little by little he’s been showing me and that was probably thirty years ago then I started that dialogue with the Lord and it’s amazing you know in the school of the Holy Ghost sometimes it takes time to get the fullness of understanding in things right you’ll give you a glimpse here and then he’ll add to it a year later and it just keeps growing it gets richer it gets deeper that you don’t ever get tired of this you don’t ever get tired of learning in this school I’m telling you there’s so much to know there’s so much to see I mean who can who can contain God I mean who can who can understand how he holds the earth in the palm of his hands are you with me I mean come on now and he wants to show you everything my god what an awesome Lord we serve are you with me so get excited about this and I was reading in Daniel you know the dream that he had about the beast you know they said it was gonna devour the whole world we’re all gonna get raptured out of here and then the devil’s gonna take over and stomp on everybody and I’m like oh Lord and so I was reading and Daniel even Daniel was grieved and verse 15 says I was grieved in my spirit the midst of my body and the visions of my head troubled me and I came near unto them that were stood by me and asked him the truth of all this so he told me and made known to me the interpretation of the things these great beasts which are four are four kings which he’ll rise out of the earth look at verse 18 oh I love this verse that was a Selah moment for me thirty years ago says but the saints of the Most High shall take or possess the kingdom and they shall possess it for ever and ever and the Lord said Mike do you understand that that verse verse 18 I said yeah I think so Lord he said then do it I said yes sir blessed art thou Abraham what it meant keys annex a to him of the Lord Most High possessor of heaven and earth I’ve given you the keys to the kingdom of heaven though says it possess it are you with me and you’re gonna possess it in your land wherever you go I’m telling you he didn’t give you those keys to just hang on a keychain somewhere in the house so use your keys amen this is the season and the time for harvest this is the time for springing forth that which I have planted deep within your heart to come to pass saith the Lord this year you are gonna go places and do things you have never done before you are gonna achieve things you only dreamed about doing the Lord says this year the dreams you had in days past and even years past will begin to come to pass not by my not by power but by my spirit said amen well as you may have noticed we are about out of time for this week but I want to thank you all for listening and I thank you Lord that this coming year 2018 will be a year of blessings manifestation and miracles for each of the listeners on this broadcast thank you so much for tuning in if you want to support us go to our website you can donate there or you can learn about some of our Sunday services and you can find out about when we meet at Freedom Fellowship Church every Wednesday and Sunday night or you can listen to previous podcasts of this radio broadcast so again thank you so much for tuning in until next time god bless you
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Episode 303: The Set Time Has Come (Featuring Ptr. Mike Sosso)

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