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Episode 304: Revelation for the Appointed Time

2018 is going to be a year of dreams coming true, of supernatural manifestation, supernatural revelation, and new things coming forth in our lives and in the Body of Christ. Moving into this year, it is so important that we follow the Holy Spirit instead of clinging to fruitless doctrines.

Published: January 06, 2018

Speakers: Joshua Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and I just want to wish you all a belated Happy New Year as you are now listening to the prophetic voice of our time man 2018 is already here 2017 has passed away it’s so it really is so surprising how quickly things are happening in this day and age but you know God is ever on the move as many of you know me in Pastor Chris we where in the Philippines for close to three weeks and we had you know a whole number of leadership trainings conferences and services while we were there and God really did move and we’re gonna be sharing a little bit about that and as many of you know also this past week we had the prophetic gathering of the Saints and let me tell you God really revealed himself and he released many words that are relevant to the body of Christ in this day and age in our time now and Pastor Chris he’s going to be sharing some of that with you in the coming weeks but there’s a couple things that we wanted to address and that’s kind of we’re gonna be kind of setting the tone I guess for 2017 because I mean for 2018 my apologies it’s really is it’s really so surprising that 2018 is already here but you see 2018 is going to be a year dreams coming true it’s going to be a year of supernatural manifestation supernatural revelation and new things coming forth and manifesting in our lives and in the body of Christ so it surely is something that we should be excited about but moving into this year moving into this year it’s so important that we don’t go back to the old ways of doing things that we don’t cling to that which we have always done that which we’ve always known that which we’ve always fallen back into doing and this includes the good things this includes the bad things we can’t think and we can’t consider that we can just continue repeating the same things over and over and expect God to move miraculously because we know that God this is something that Pastor Chris has been saying but you know God isn’t in the recycling business he doesn’t recycle systems and recycle old plans he always has something new and fresh so many times God will say that he’s going to do something and say that he’s gonna manifest something and we get we get caught in her mind like oh yeah he said he’s gonna do this and this is how he’s gonna do it you know we think oh this is how it’s gonna happen this is the kind of person that we expect this is the kind of thing that we expect to happen but thank God surprises us cuz he can’t be contained by man-made understanding you know the Bible says you know God raises up kings and he brings them down and so the the political leaders our government is in the hands of God and look at the kind of person that God raised up to be at the head of our executive branch here in the United States it’s not the kind of person that any preacher would have expected it’s not the kind of person that any a regular Christian would have thought about right but God doesn’t work in the ways that we expect him to work God his will goes beyond but that’s something that’s exciting is something that’s amazing because we know that anything that we have in mind God’s plan is so much greater than our own plan so that’s just something that you guys need to take the heart because 2018 it is it’s going to be a year dreams come true it’s gonna be a year manifestations and that’s something that Pastor Chris has talked about and God has been telling us here at freedom Fellowship Church but upon returning from the Philippines pastor Chris actually released a prophecy in our Sunday service the first Sunday service that we had returned back from the Philippines and what she said was that we’re going to see a mass exodus from the church but it’s not going to be of the kind of divisive like a division like a church split like a scandal no there’s going to be a mass exodus from churches because people they’re going to be leaving because they crave the supernatural experience of God these are people who have grown tired of the same old same old preaching of listening to sermons where the pastor has no conviction listening to the stale bread of the past but there’s no power but there’s no miracles but there’s no signs and wonders and so the prophecy that was released was that there would be a mass exodus from churches because people are going to begin seeking out the supernatural move of God there they crave and they’ve been craving for years the real move of God okay because we can give a mouth service to how we serve God and how we believe in God but unless there’s something authentic in there unless there’s there’s a real move of God underneath it then what does it really mean I mean what what are we even doing okay because it’s not just enough to know the scriptures and to be able to preach the scriptures and teach the scriptures even the Pharisees they knew the scriptures right they knew the scriptures but they were blinded by their own teachings that they couldn’t receive divine revelation which is why they rejected Jesus and so think that God has been telling us is that in this year many leaders they’re gonna have to choose whether they’re going to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit or whether we’re going to cling to our man-made doctrines okay because and maybe some of those doctrines maybe some of them have a good intentions right maybe some of them were founded in some biblical principle but if we cling to the doctrines to where we can’t be flexible to where we can’t be led by the Holy Spirit that stifles the anointing of God it stifles the move of God okay and so the leaders of the church this year and many in the body Christ we’re gonna have to choose because God is revealing new revelation to us okay you know as it says in Habakkuk the revelation it awaits the appointed time it speaks at the end and it will not prove false there’s new revelation that we receive day to day that’s specific to our own time and even the Apostles they had new revelation for their time that’s why Paul said in Colossians concerning the Gentiles the myth this is the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people and then in verse 27 of Colossians 1 to them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery which is in Christ in you the hope of glory see so for the apostles you have you have to put this in perspective because they were born Jewish raised Jewish okay they were God’s chosen people and then suddenly they receive the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit starts telling them that salvation is for the Gentiles - okay their entire life they grew up believing something it was even founded in the law of Moses but then the Holy Spirit came in shook up everything that they knew okay and what the new revelation it was not proven false but was proven true Jesus came not just for the Jewish people he came for the Gentiles so the disciples were willing to be led by the Holy Spirit and that’s why God was able to continue using them okay because if the disciples if they you know closed off and they had stuck to the Jewish traditions rather than being led by the Holy Spirit I guarantee you we wouldn’t be hearing about them in this day and age we wouldn’t continue reading about them not in the way that we do now and we are now at the same crossroads okay because there there are still a number of doctrines and teachings that have become roadblocks for people where they’ve been caught up maybe more in the Levitical priesthood which is which is man-made hierarchy man-made structure rather than inspiration of the Holy Spirit because the thing is is that we don’t and this is just a side note we don’t live and we’re not operating in the Levitical priesthood anymore we’re operating under the order of Melchizedek so what was the Levitical priesthood well the Levitical priesthood right they had to be of the right bloodline okay they had to be worthy they had to have the right credentials okay and the Levitical priesthood it was a class system okay it’s it was a hierarchy to where certain people had better access to God than others because of their bloodline but we don’t operate in that kind of Levitical priesthood anymore and there’s a number of doctrines that seek to reestablish this man-made hierarchy when God says if I have called this person and they obey me then I will use them mightily that’s the requirement that’s the only requirement that we have to live by at what that our language is love and our currency is faith and obedience to Jesus Christ okay so what’s what’s currency right it’s an exchange of value that means that the more faith and obedience to Jesus Christ that we have the more value we are going to get the more value that we are giving back to God okay so the more obedient and faithful we are to God the more he is going to be able and willing to use us mightily so we don’t operate in the Levitical priesthood Christa’s talked about this several times but this year 2018 we’re gonna have to decide whether we’re gonna hold fast to our doctrines or whether we’re gonna allow the Holy Spirit to take us into the supernatural and it’s all according to the Word of God it’s all according to the leading of the Holy Spirit because those of us if we are not willing to hearken to the voice of the Holy Spirit and to really allow him to lead us then the Spirit of God the blessing of the Lord is going to have to leave those people and it’s going to be like the Spirit said through the prophecy given to pass Chris there will be an exodus from churches because the people of God have grown hungry and you know and their eyes are being opened and so they will only be able to take fruitless doctrines and teachings that have no power they will only be able to take it for so long and so I urge you all that if if God is revealing something to you and you’re having a really hard time struggling with it you have to pray through it and you have to say you know what god I’m going to follow you and obey you even if you know my flesh is crying out even if I have been believing in teaching this my whole life you know if God gives us a correction we have to be willing to correct it but that’s the thing that’s where the ego gets in the place I mean even the Pharisees in Jesus’s time you know they had this sense of superiority because they are the teachers of the law they’re the the apheresis and the Sadducees they had to go through the academic institutions and they they studied the scriptures their whole life imagine that they have studied the scriptures their whole life and yet they did not recognize the Messiah standing in front of them that’s what our doctrines if we allow them to blind us that’s what they do to us because if we get too caught up in our doctrines rather than caught up in the presence and the goodness of God then we will be blinded to the move of God even if it’s happening in our face right in front of us and you know Peter Peter went through a similar kind of journey I mean we know in the book of Acts chapter 10 the Apostle Peter he was praying when he had a vision from the Lord and what was in that vision well it was a bunch of non kosher food it was it was pork it was four-footed animals it was reptiles and birds and what did God tell him the voice of the Lord came to him in that vision and said get up Peter slay and eat and Peter had been living as a Jewish man all his life you know he had been a good Jew he had followed the laws of Moses I mean those the laws of Moses they were given by God and so that’s why when he heard the voice of the Lord how did Peter reply he said surely not Lord I have never eaten anything I’m pure or unclean so God asks him God asks him three times he tells him to rise up slay and eat even though the animal is unclean and Peter refused all three times and then what did God say to him he said don’t call unclean what I have called clean see what happened here is that God was shaking up Peters doctrines was just obeying the laws of Moses right I mean Moses was the one who gave the laws and he Moses received the laws from God so how could Peter possibly be in the wrong but Jesus had changed everything and the new revelation had come that’s why the Apostle Paul said that it had been hidden it’s a mystery that had been hidden from previous generations and we have to understand everything about how the church has progressed it’s all been built upon what the previous generations have discovered and established before us and so that’s why we are expected to do even greater things because the Apostles the ones who first founded the church they were just getting that was their revelation for that time that it that that salvation was for the Gentiles too okay and now over hundreds of years we’ve been building on revelation after revelation but we can’t let the doctrines the man-made doctrines to limit us okay I mean imagine if Peter had refused to listen to God if if that had become his stumbling block twere he’s not going to eat any non kosher food well then the Ministry of Peter would have ended because the power wouldn’t have been there okay so if we allow our doctrines to become a stumbling block then any sort of anointing or power that might be going on in our ministry it’s it’s going to end because when we do that when we don’t follow the leading of the Holy Spirit but it will but we actively ignore it we actually are exalting ourselves above God because in that way we are telling God that we know better than he does that our beliefs are more correct then his truth is do you understand see how such an action that that an action like that that that defiance that I’m going to hold fast to my doctrines even if the Holy Spirit is correcting me is an act of pride and so this is actually something that Pastor Chris was having to deal with in the Philippines so while in the Philippines we had a whole number of leadership trainings and leadership conferences where we were meeting with ministers and leaders and many of the ministers they were very receptive the thing is you they were very audibly very oddly receptive where they were saying oh my gosh oh my gosh the doctrines the things that I believe that I’ve been teaching for years they’re wrong they’re wrong how could I believe these things but they’ve received the Word of God and they said I know now what I need to change see they took it they took it and they ran with it but that was not the case you know in everywhere we went in fact God even closed some of the doors in the Philippines because the ministers were unwilling to waver in their doctrines they were unwilling to waver in their doctrines but for those that are willing to obey the call of the Lord that are willing to seek after what God is saying and forsake their own ways of doing things then the doors of opportunity are going to be wide open this year 2018 it really is an exciting year and just to recap this trip from the Philippines man it was it was a doozy there was basically from landing it was pretty much a non-stop back-to-back trip and so just to recap very quickly so we we had a Leadership Conference a pastors conference in Quezon City where we were many ministers from the surrounding area all came in and they were very receptive to the word and then there was another training in Pampanga where they again there was ministers leaders but also young business people and they were very excited because they were going to implement God’s ways of doing things in their businesses in their lives surrounding their businesses and the biggest thing is that they were determined right to receive the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and implement that in their business coz understand that’s our biggest advantage as followers of Christ that’s the thing that we have that nobody else has we have the inspiration of the Holy Spirit so in reality we should be doing and and performing we should be producing better and performing better than anybody else because we’re inspired by the holy spirit which in the past that hasn’t really been the case but as we move forward things are gonna change because we’re operating by a different standard now and we’re gonna operate by the inspiration of the holy spirit and the leading of the Holy Spirit but we can’t allow the old ways of doing things what we’ve always known well we’ve always done to limit us especially any man-made traditions than any man-made doctrines this there’s a reason why Jesus said to the teachers of the law and to the Pharisees and he sold this right to them he said you’re man-made traditions render the Word of God to no effect because why because they placed those man-made traditions and higher prominence than the supernatural move of God that’s why when Jesus when he would come and he healed for example a woman who had been disfigured her she had been disfigured all of her life he healed her but it was on the Sabbath what was the first thing that happened well the Pharisees came out and they said how dare he heal on the Sabbath you have six days in the week to heal but not on the Sabbath because it’s supposed to be a day of rest see they didn’t even care that the woman had all her life been disfigured had been suffering they didn’t care about any of that all they cared was that Jesus had broken the tradition and they were looking for that gotcha moment but that’s what happens when we focus so much on our doctrines when we focus on one of traditions the teachers of the law they they studied the law they were scholars they were academics they studied the law they studied the Word of God all their life but they were blind to the fact that the Messiah was standing right in front of them the fulfillment to all the prophecies that they had been reading that they have been studying that they’ve been contemplating on was right there in front of them and they couldn’t see it so that’s why this year 2017 we’re gonna see miracles signs and wonders and I kind of started talking about the Philippines but I didn’t really get through the whole trip but it really was a very eventful trip many trainings many leadership trainings and you can see specifically you can see many people in the congregation when they see the revelation of God begin to go forth you can see their eyes brighten up you can see their countenance lifted because there’s something rejuvenating about the revelation of God about the presence of God and you see that’s what I’m saying because the people of God they’re hungry and so if there are any spiritual leaders that have been limiting their access to God that have been stunting the spiritual growth of the congregation the people of God they’re not going to sit idly by much longer but they’re gonna seek after the real thing they’re gonna look for God’s mighty works God’s mighty powers cuz God he is no respecter of persons we know that God doesn’t show favoritism we know that his love is all-encompassing and in the same way anyone that is willing to commit their life completely to obeying and seeking after the Lord God then God is going to use them mightily and so I urge you all as the leading of the Holy Spirit comes in as God is revealing things to us and as God begins to move let us be led by the Holy Spirit let us be led according to his perfect will and His perfect nature and let us allow him to illuminate the Scriptures for us you know it’s one thing to read the scriptures but it’s another thing to have it illuminated by the revelation of the Holy Spirit so I’m about out of time for this week but I want to wish you again a belated Happy New Year there’s many exciting things to come this year 2018 God is really on the move if you enjoyed this broadcast and you want to support this broadcast or anything that we do here at sons of God international you can do so by visiting our website and hitting the donate 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Episode 304: Revelation for the Appointed Time

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