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Episode 305: Prophecies Fulfilled and Prophecies for 2018

Pastor Cris is back to share some of the challeneges, prophecies, and encouragement for the Body. God fulfilled His word in glorious ways in 2017, and there’s even greater things prophesied to come in 2018!

Published: January 13, 2018

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




did you miss me I’ve been out for more than a month as you can tell from my voice that one of the reasons why I was out because I lost my voice and when me and Joshua took our flight to the Philippines in December the 5th last month I was already sick I was exhausted and by all accounts I should not be taking that flight but I was determined to carry out our last for admission for the year 2017 and besides if I postponed and canceled all of those because I was sick it does not bring glory to God and in spite of my physical condition we were able to hold two big empower leader and power nation ministers conference in two different major cities in the Philippines Josh when Iowa tag team on six Sunday services and one leadership training then we were there for two weeks and we’re still getting testimonies and the way the pastor is just like Josh was shared with you last week how the pastors received the revelation even the correction with with such great joy and their willingness to embrace the chains is a miraculous manifestation by itself in a few days after I was home here in San Antonio I received testimonials one of them is a woman that I prayed that for and she was given a certificate by the doctor that she is now cancer-free so all of the struggles all of the pain and sickness and affliction that Joshua and I encountered is all worth it even for that one miracle and we have hundreds of miracles and the Sunday services there were four Sunday services in General Santos City 63 people got saved at that particular tenant so so much more that people who get saved if we were able to hold a miracle crusade but God noon ahead of time that I will not be physically capable of holding such a big event in addition to the ones that are already is 10 June so it is amazing and I think Joshua and Nicole Mendoza and the rest of the media team like Coby and James and Erika drew the young people they pulled things together and they took care of this radio broadcast I am so proud of you and I thank God for all of you for your gifts and for your willingness to put God first so I thank you very much so I made the Sunday service on December 24th in the morning but I did not make it on that evening service I completely lost my voice and now I had to focus and prepare for the December 31st prophetic gathering of the Saints so we really had a very quiet Christmas at the silos and did not and I did not talk for a few days and I was able to finish the conference why I got sick I was exhausted throughout the year 2017 my schedule was so tight and I did not know how to rest I had to work hard just to rest now I don’t have any choice in 2018 I am resolved to at least take a few hours or a few days to stop everything and rest in order for me to keep up with my schedule the work that is set before me in 2018 God have admonished me about that I’m looking forward to 2018 2017 is such a blessing we also the manifestation of the beginning of the turning-around of this country towards righteousness we did not expect how God did it we have our own expectations and assumptions and presumptions but he did not follow our ways and thank God his ways of doing things manifested we saw major prophecies fulfilled that affected the entire world being in the prophetic it is so awesome and it’s an honor and a privilege to see all these things fulfilled all these prophecies manifest and I was a part of it we need to continue to pray for our country for this great state we need to continue to do the right thing and to get engaged in every election and to vote as a Christian first vote on issues that are important in God’s heart and eyes okay that is the core that is the most important thing that you have to do as a Christian especially in this year I told you that it isn’t crucial for for all of us to unite in 2016 and we did that let me share you one of the prophecies fulfilled is the election of President Trump but that was in 2016 right let me share way back in the 1990’s the last few months of President Clinton’s term in office the Lord shared with me in the late 1990s that the Clintons will never be able to occupy the White House again and Prime Minister Netanyahu lost the election to a hood Barak at that time but God told me that Prime Minister Netanyahu will be back in office as Prime Minister of Israel and when that time comes things will accelerate fast things that we’ve been believing and praying for to manifest I shared this prophecy to freedom faucet chirps but not on the Rachel at that time I kind of touched it a little bit so I shared this prophecy to the core team so all of us knew that whoever wins the Republican primary election will be the next president of United States of America anybody but Clinton because of that prophecy in 1990s so both of these prophecies came to pass in Amos chapter 3 verse 7 says that surely the sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets so why am i sharing this now it is very important because the prophecies released for 2018 are so awesome that they’re so supernatural and so glorious and I want to increase your faith I want to prove to you that God is really active in the affairs of men I want to encourage you because this is the appointed time for the body of Christ to emerge as a glorious and influential church a year 2017 is another year of sowing for this ministry and we went and really tested our own physical bodies and we believe the impossible and I want you to believe the impossible concerning your life your loved ones your affairs your health and this country okay that time is at hand in January 2017 me and the group there are about ten of us we went to Washington DC to attend the inauguration of President Donald Trump it was a historic moment for us Christians and we met thousands of people who came with their family members we met a three generation family to witness the inauguration of our 45th president it is amazing because since this is a part of the prophecy given to me by the Lord in the 99 jeez it’s just amazing to be there to see it fulfilled and when we came back from Washington DC we started fundraising for a trip to Israel especially for the praise and worship team I met some of you already listeners in those fundraising sales truly the steps of the righteous is ordained by the Lord the Lord instructed me to lead a tour to Israel that year in the week of Pentecost so I scheduled it in a time that we spend the first day of Pentecost in Jerusalem God also gave us a special mission to go to the land purchased by United States of America years ago to house the US Embassy in Jerusalem so as soon as we landed I made an arrangement for our tour guide and driver to take us there before we even check into our hotel we were there with the Philippine team who agreed and prophesied with us so in that piece of land we prophesied for our US embassy to be transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and when that thing comes when the embassy is built other nations will follow suit we also prophesied that President Trump will be the president who will fulfill his promise to move our embassy to Jerusalem as promised by previous presidents but they did not have the guts to carry it through the presence of God was so thick our tour guide obviously was touched by it he was there listening to this and I told the tour manager at that time what is our instruction to be and and I told them it’s going to happen you wait and see and now it manifests right the presence of God also is so thick at the upper room on the day of Pentecost and I was told by not just our tour guide but many tour guides that they have never seen this crowd a crowd this size at Pentecost week some of those that we talked from other countries they did not even know that it was the week of Pentecost but they were moved and they were summoned as we are so the state of Texas was summoned to be a part of this great move of the Holy Spirit that he unleashed in Jerusalem last May June and he is about to unleash in 2018 and beyond and we are part of it now you also know because of these prophecies that I mentioned to you were fulfilled right so President Trump announced that US acknowledges that Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel so can you see it now the United States of America just entered its finest hour and yes this nation will turn towards righteousness you’re going to see the dealing of the Lord the harvest amongst the wicked as well as the righteous in every sector of society I will try to cover as much as I can cover we did the next a few weeks okay or I might as well just go ahead and hold another prophetic conference before my my second trip to the Philippines and Africa okay the US economy is stronger now and it was going to get stronger and stronger is it because of Presidents Trump’s economic initiative and policy yes but there are two godly glorious steps that our president took in 2017 in addition to declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city and this is very important that’s why in spite of ourselves in spite of the American people nation will be truly blessed and the greatness of America is about ready to be unfold President Donald Trump button knowledged that United States of America is one nation under God that this is a Christian country he brought Christmas back in the White House he acknowledged the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and when he went and visited to Israel last year he also acknowledged the God of Israel there the same glory to God that is the turning point that our president was inspired and was led to do that created a global impact that is why there will be a great move of God because it started with our leader that is why United States of America will continue to prosper as the soul of American people prosper we need to continue to follow God’s ways of doing things and trust him and give him all the glory remember every move of God if you are not sure whether you you heard from God or not there are three important elements that there are key there will be a part of your litmus test first it will bring glory or it will give all the glory to God it will benefit you and it will benefit God’s people not a single one of those need to be missing it’s supposed to be the art litmus test God gets all the glory you will benefit and it will benefit others the great state of Texas will continue to play a big role and will continue to lead in righteous governance as we pray for our political leaders let us not forget to pray for our governor lieutenant governor Attorney General and let us pray that God fearing men and women will be elected in the political office and leadership all across the land this is a part of the great move of God that many people unbelievers would not expect to manifest and if the body of Christ will continue to be righteous continue to be faithful to the call this is going to happen okay and what a what a great time to be alive oh by the way this is another thing that will encourage you that God is really very active in the affairs of men and we always send his holy apostles and prophets to pave the way and to release the message and to start building okay this is in line with efficient chapter 2 verse 20 oh by the way the Lord sent me to Washington DC with Ed and Sylvia Grubb in 2016 it’s I believe is the the very first week of September he sent me there for me to prophesy of the changing of leadership’s in the house of Congress and I was specifically instructed to pray Paul Ryan in to be the next Speaker of the House and he did not want that position remember so I kept on praying I only instructed one person to pray with me because if I say that a lot of people would say why not this person they don’t like Paul Ryan I said I don’t want any of God’s people to be questioning God’s choice okay for the position and that is why God can trust me in doing this kind of job because I do not announce it so a few days after that or maybe a week the Speaker of the House announced that he’s stepping down and a few weeks after that Paul Ryan was duly elected as a Speaker of the House and he accepted the post remember keep in mind God is not going to do things on this earth without telling us first so let us continue not to lean on our own understanding but in all our ways let us knowledge him and he shall direct our path that is why I am acknowledging that God of universe our Lord Jesus Christ father God in this program today and giving him all the glory now that is due to him he is very active in the affairs of men and he is so active in your life you need to trust him you need to believe him and you need to obey because he is not going to force you okay do not harden your heart it’s never too late for any one of us he is that awesome so if you ask me why am I just sharing this prophecy with you now we’re in I got them in 1990s and 2000’s and a few years ago or a few months ago for those of you that are in the post aaalac and prophetic office especially every time you hear or you see a vision from the Lord that it has a global impact that it affects multitude of people you and I have to follow the instruction to the letter God can trust me because I do not advertise I do not share until it’s time I will continue to remain a nameless faceless voice I am happy with that I am actually very effective that way I caused trouble and nobody knew who caused the trouble I like that it’s kind of being mischievous God can trust me to be quiet and not to take his glory I consider it just an honor and privilege just for God to include me and share his plan for our times that alone is very humbling to me he is amazing he is an amazing God and guess what when you sow into this ministry you are partakers of those seeds you are a part of this great move of what we have been doing you share in the bounty on the seat zone here in North America and abroad all over the world see we may be small in number here but we are a lot bigger and larger than numbers on what the eyes are a lot larger than the eyes can see we are in the process of expanding our website so that we can start teaching and holding prophetic school and business school online Joshua and Nicole Kobi and the entire media team are projecting that we will see these improvements by the end of February we’re still working on the contents right now and they’re putting together videos that we can share all over the world this ministry this radio program is being followed by 30 plus countries and different states here in the u.s. through our podcast and website this is truly a miracle considering our minuscule budget everybody is doing work voluntarily here at freedom felsic charts and they go beyond that so that we’ll be able to share what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church in our days and let those who have ears to hear a nice to see to take a listen and pay attention we will continue to share revelations prophecies and many blessings we’ve been getting from the Holy Spirit through all the available means possible and also in this broadcast and I’m about to share with you prophecies and what to expect in 2018 I am compelled to share this in spite of how I sound I will completely recover from this amen so prior fully consider supporting this ministry by partnering with us with your monthly giving okay you can go to our website SOG mi dot org again it’s SOG mi that or what to expect for 2018 is this there will be a mass exodus of people who search more for the things of God to move in the supernatural and they are not satisfied with the status quo they will be trained built and established by God’s holy apostles and prophets in accordance to efficients chapter 2 verse 20 and they will continue to know who they are in Christ Jesus that is important the Holy Spirit will continue to move God’s people and unleash such a hunger for more of him unleash and ignite the passion in their heart for the love of God and the power of God they will not be satisfied and it will bring forth the true government of God here on earth multitude from all over the world will come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ this year glory to God I will explain this prophecy further okay as we are running out of time God’s people will soon realize they will see and understand and acknowledge that the five offices operate and they were designed by God to operate in every sector of society and they will be led by God’s holy apostles and prophets example this radio station and any other Christian media that promotes people’s obedience to the Great Commission are truly apostolic and prophetic and they should continue to prosper the Holy Spirit is leading his people to depart from poverty mentality and become a profitable organizations here on earth and God will establish and some are already established and will expand and continue to expand to rule and reign with our Lord Jesus Christ here on earth this is how the transfer of wealth is going to manifest not the way you perceive it but it will be in accordance to the ways of God and the Holy Spirit is at the helm stop looking for freebies stop looking for cheap bargain basement prices get rid of that mentality it doesn’t have any place in the kingdom of our God we are going to be blessed beyond measure in order for us to be a blessing so people of God are tired of religiosity they want to see the real thing God is moving powerfully through his holy vessels is starting in 2018 and I wanted to share some more but I’m running out of time
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Episode 305: Prophecies Fulfilled and Prophecies for 2018

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