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Episode 306: Let There Be Light

“Once you allow your flesh and your own understanding to go back, you’re going back to the same challenges as before, but if you push through [by His Spirit] there is always something supernatural that will follow you.”

Published: January 22, 2018

Originally Aired: January 20, 2018

Speakers: Cristina Sosso, Joshua Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you were listening to the prophetic voice of our time well many of you got to hear from Pastor Chris last week and some of you might have noticed that we were having a little bit of trouble with our audio last week but everything’s back to normal this week we just had a less than ideal setup but there’s no worries with that God is in control and things continue to be going really well here at Suns I’ve got International and Freedom Fellowship Church if you guys tuned in last week you’ll have heard pastor Kris as she had recounted not only some of what we experienced while we were in the Philippines but she also went over many prophecies that she had spoken that the Lord had given to her that she has seen manifest over the years and many of them are relevant even to these days including about the presidential election about what recently happened with Jerusalem and the US Embassy so I really encourage you that if you missed last week’s broadcast you want to check it out you can get it at our website wws AGM Iorg and find the podcast section under media and you can also subscribe to that and you’ll be able to get the weekly uploads of this radio broadcast every single week directly to your phone or your computer or whatever it is that you listen to but I really encourage you to listen to that broadcast because these are all words these are all prophecies that we’ve seen the manifestation of now in our lifetime and that’s the kind of season that we’re living in right now but living in a season where prophecy is manifesting around us and that’s something very encouraging but it’s also you know a responsibility because it means that God is pushing right God is is pushing to make things manifested in our lives and you know there’s a power in prophecy cuz prophecy is the word of God in the mouth of man right right it’s not the prophets words who speak it it’s not their own words as we know it says in 2nd Peter chapter 1 it says for prophecy never had its origins in human will but prophets though human spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit and that’s why prophecy is power because it is the Word of God in the mouth of man and God has the power to create new things from nothing to make something that may not exist suddenly exist and we know that right we look at Genesis and at the beginning there was nothing but darkness right it said that the Spirit of God hovered over the void and there was nothing missing there was darkness and he spoke forth the words right he spoke forth let there be light and light was and so when God speaks a word and he gives it to a prophet to speak that’s a creation word that’s new things being created and that’s something that we need to take a hold of and we should really be excited about because we are witnessing in these days prophecies manifesting and so I’m going to get on now to the main message of today which is that God is going to speak to the issues and we have to allow God to speak forth into any of the issues that we’re facing today you know we don’t want to fall back into this cycle of repeating right we need to allow God to manifest transformation in all the issues of her life speak both those words right let there be light in the darkness in our lives let there be light in every area of our life and this is going to be from a sermon pastor Chris share with us just this past week and we felt that it was very important that we share it with you here on the radio so without further ado here’s Pastor Chris this is something that we need - we entered a supernatural realm do not try to lead the holy spirit back to what you understand - what you think that you like that the desires of your heart but be tenacious ask the Holy Spirit to continue to ignite this fire and you know that there’s something different but then our flesh will take us back and it would be the same MO same MO if you notice once you get back once you allow your flesh and your own under skin thing to go back you’re going back to the same challenges as before but if you push through there is always something supernatural that will follow you and you want that you want supernatural is like it’s just like a 4th of July that you will be like a firecracker and that’s what God wanted is is to be impassioned to be intense to increase our intensity in a way that it’s going to manifest supernaturally the things that answered prayers and the harvest those are not supernatural they are natural you planted something your harvest something we’re going to go beyond that because the supernatural supersedes natural law natural law were set in motion by God but the supernatural things in the sin in the kingdom of God supersedes all law because supernatural is actually the law of God when you are in the kingdom of God you experience what joy peace right righteousness in the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit will continue to ignite you just like I told you and said like when when they beat up and they imprisoned the disciples in the book of Acts because they told them stop preaching the way stop preaching a cult right and they got beaten up and when they got together again they met and they count it all joy how can you cut it all joy when you’re bleeding when your concern about your scars right I know I am right but they count it all joy and it’s an all here we are we’re sharing in the suffering of Jesus hallelujah and that intensity that intense that supernatural will bring you above it supersedes natural law that when you got beaten up you get sick you get infection you landed in the hospital you’ll bleed to death you’ll be incapacitated but nobody landed in the hospital instead Lord give us more boldness you understand saying that is supernatural and we are getting into that in every area of our lives I want you to understand that when Jesus was here I quoted the scripture when I was on the earth he said in John and said I am the light of the world and then he turned around and said you are the light of the world okay so you are the light so right now those need are darkness all you need to do is to say let there be light in the name of Jesus as simple as that don’t go back to your same routine to your same fabric scriptures they didn’t work in the past and you know it because there’s a missing element okay and then you just put let there be light and light be don’t be superficial and really just say that all I want is you Lord don’t say that because with all of our actions it’s not what we want we’re just telling the Lord that to give us what we want so might as well be honest okay stop lying to yourself Oh Lord all I want is your perfect will God are you getting this so let’s get those superficial artificial religiosity and things it’s not going to get you anywhere what God wanted is the intensity and that boldness you know I don’t deserve it but you said I deserve it you already prepaid it and somebody’s driving my vehicle I’m not happy with it and Jesus would say I’m sitting here because I was commanded by my father sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet I can’t do anything don’t ask me to do that you do it so you apply when I was in the world I was the light of the world but now we are that light so in every situation that you have just would let there be light and light has to be how can you help that let there be light you can’t that is why God is going to do something out of nothing in our lives because then you cannot claim it okay the only setback that you and I are going to experience if we go back to the same old thing are you getting this if bad things happen don’t be like the world system when you go to the doctor they’re going to examine you they’re going to tell you everything you’re eating wrong what happened what are the bad things have happened to your mother to your grandfather to your cousin second third fourth fifth generations and then they are going to try to explain to you right so when things are happening don’t say oh there must be sin in the camp for others is a sin in the camp for you it’s an attack so you are just like in the world system that you have to diagnose the problem rather than resolving it well Jesus always said you’re free you’re delivered your sins are forgiven and this in this guy’s and even confess your sins am I correct so we’re doing it’s wrong we’re doing it in the world’s way we spiritualize it that’s why some God filled some we’re not right but instead let there be light sickness is darkness let there be light sin is darkness let there be light are you getting this as simple as that because I never seen Jesus what happened to you are you sinning let me pray for you oh you are this and you’re that no and when Jesus will have a standing when Jesus have a standing to really accuse and really rebuke somebody like Stephen is there any good thing coming from Nazareth Jen 142 and then he was introduced right he was introduced to Jesus and I said like oh look at this man there is no guile in him mr. Tsai he is righteous man he just heard him hello because why he’s the light of the world and Stephen said how did you know oh when you’re about ready to meet Stephen and you were under the fig tree and said I saw you and he changed instead of is there anything good that comes from Nazareth and said you are the Christ the Son of the Living God you are God in a blink of an eye because why instead of diagnosing the problem instead of Jesus rebuking how dare you to say that there’s nothing good that will come out of Nazareth you don’t have to explain you don’t have to be offended and he spoke the light of life in it and here comes Stephen oh my god you are the Messiah yes there is something good and jesus said don’t say that again I can hear what you’re thinking are you getting this because he let the light shine can you see it so you know all the things that there is a darkness in your life don’t blame anyone don’t try to diagnose it don’t try to explain with him oh I was abused when I was a child I said you have shared that story a million times I don’t feel sorry for you because you got born again okay that was erased don’t be a blabbermouth in front of me because we are a new creation so the Word of God is powerful sharper than a double-edged sword but with our stinking religiosity in our way of thinking we made the Word of God of no effect because we just apply okay if laying on of hands by the elders did not work let me try this one here Oh Oral Roberts used to do this so let me try to do this oh this person just prophesied and tried to do this we always married methods instead of asking the Holy Spirit what do you want me to do let there be light okay and at the same time you stop thinking negative things sometimes like for example if I’m in a search Kobi and somebody else is thinking oh I see if you have a business deal with God and allow God to deal with you it has nothing to do with you and God does not play febrace he will never sacrifice one over the other okay and on the things that sometimes we really wanted and we finally let go because you know what there’s nothing else that we can do except to let things go because we’ve been so stubborn in trying to pound on things to try to make things happen we prostitute everything all the gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to get what we want and still not happen you finally gave up and then six months after that 12 months after that and this is like oh my god thank you for not answering the prayer you understand saying I know I’ve been there before thank you Lord you understand what I’m talking about do you let that light shine and I guarantee you all of us needs our spiritual flashlights in our lives because there are so many many East that are in the body of Christ even in our own thinking and we have not even questioned ourselves why these things are not working hello it’s very easy because the whole spirit will follow you because Jesus promise I’ll never leave you nor forsake you and here’s the Holy Spirit you take him you take him to places that you you’re not supposed to take him he listens to the words that you’re talking about that and he see things that you’re doing that you’re not supposed to be doing but he’s still there because it is his promise all we need to do is okay what do you want me to do with this stay out of the way just declare the Word of God I said let there be light you don’t have to explain away the darkness and how dark it is when the light shines it doesn’t matter anymore are you getting this and this is what Jesus did on the cross and this is the assignment of the Holy Spirit is to get rid of our preconceived ideas on how God worked even if it worked in the past don’t do it or else you will not be able to experience the things that are supernatural that is on the earth it’s already been unleashed okay so for the next few days God is creating something out of nothing stay out of the way and you follow your instruction is this amazing or what even your schedule that I’m supposed to do this I’m supposed to do this and I’m supposed to do that God is gonna change anyway because you we just gave him permission we said that I am willing remember I’m willing to receive so he’ll want to take that verbatim like he expects us to follow his instructions to the letter so that’s thinking religiosity and even the way we handle things before let us try on new things that’s too boring God is not a cookie cutter just like I told you God is not in the recycling business the result is always wonderful but he never recycle because I’ve been reading the four Gospels and said you are not in the recycling business and here you are you’re spreading around God doesn’t do that oh no God God is this and God is that and then if you know so much about God why do you need direction why do you need this and why do need that you don’t hear from him so it’s time for us to really hear from him he is excited to talk to you personally why do you need an interpreter now this week try it if you saw me and said let there be light in the name of Jesus and look at it and said the darkness cannot comprehend it you don’t have to find out you don’t have to figure out you don’t have to to get any counseling for two hours and a follow-up counseling to explain all the bad things that they did and somebody who what everybody did something wrong it is I’m saying there should never be for those that are matured Christian there should never be any recovering alcoholic program recovering them divorce are you getting this because like be instead of trying to explain away to make you feel good with your emotions you put the light in there and move on that is the best revenge that you can inflict on the enemy it’s as easy as that but if Christ well you tried all do the difficult ones what happened huh out of the ten thousand issues and problems that you’re facing all glory to God one there’s a light at the end of the rainbow there is one that manifest so you still have nine thousand nine nine nine to deal with instead let there be light God is going to illuminate to me what is illumination light hello are you getting something out of this I know I’m enjoying I’m enjoying giving you all a hard time because how I know I did them too are you getting this I want you to write what are the issues the the major one and just and and just look to your spiritual lens and said let there be light in the name of Jesus God is going to illuminate to me what needs to be done through the holy spirit and then move on thank you I’m going to take notes Lord I thank you because God I found out that any prayers that were prayed in accordance to God’s will he will remember them and since he is faithful he still answered them or he’ll match them greater than what you prayed because that’s who he is because when I was a Catholic girl going to church dragging Davina with me every day novena Friday it doesn’t matter we’re in the church and the Catholic charts and the nuns they’re always asking for something oh there is a famine in India could you could you bring some food and rice or money I’m going to send aid I just like and and we’re going to send the missionaries there I told Jesus Jesus what are missionaries what kind of people are they I said like why do they help people that they don’t know Wow why don’t they help people in the Philippines why why did I have to go to India I wanted to know my first mission trip India I thought the Lord I was 8 years old when I pray that I wanted to experience I want to know how it is to be to be a missionary God I was 8 years old why do you have to listen to an 8 year old I have forgotten about it and said I have not and it was prayed according to my will so all of do you do and said oh your way Lord that’s all I would he already answered that’s why he’s not answering some of your prayers he’s answering the perfect one not my will but your will I you getting this so try it because remember you never try this before remember you never try this before try and then let it go Thank You Holy Spirit you will illuminate things to me what needs to be done amen well I thank you Lord that this week that any of the dark places any of the issues in the lives of the listeners today that illumination will come forth but it came with a condition right as Pastor Chris said we can’t fall back on the old ways of doing things we have to speak forth let there be light in all the areas of her life because that’s in the perfect will of God right and as we discussed any prayer prayed according to God’s perfect will God is willing and he’s able to manifest it so as we declare forth that light will come forth in every aspect we need to be expectant of miracles signs wonders manifestations of this transformative power happening in our lives it’s the same power that created the whole universe is the same power that spoke light from nothing it’s the same power that created the heavens and the earth and that’s the power that God is speaking over our lives so this week I encourage all of you be expectant be eager be willing to listen to the Lord and most of all let’s not fall back into our old traditions into our old mindset into our old ways of doing things and let’s not allow any negative thoughts to subvert what God wants to do this week because if we take a hold of this and we pursue it and we allow God to move I guarantee you you’re going to see transformation miracles happen this week amen well we’re about out of time for this week but if you want to hear more from the professor voice of our time you can go to our website and you can listen to our podcast library previous episodes that’s on our website and if you enjoyed this broadcast and you want to support this broadcast you can also give us a seat online you can send us a seat at sogni org just hitting the donate button any little bit of support helps but you’re under no obligation to do so we appreciate though every single one of you that have partnered with us over these past couple years as God continues to open up doors of opportunity for us to preach the gospel and to encourage and to educate and train God’s people so thank you so much for tuning in this week to the prophetic voice of our time until next time god bless you

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Episode 306: Let There Be Light

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