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Episode 307: Prophecy for 2018 and Beyond

Prophecy for 2018 and beyond. “There are lots of wonderful things happening in this country that is affecting the whole world. Glory to God! And at the same time, lots of wonderful things are happening in the Body of Christ that are mind boggling!”

Published: January 29, 2018

Originally Aired: January 27, 2018

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




God bless you hello this is Cristina Sosso of Freedom Fellowship Church and Sons of God international and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time.

Before I start with the prophecy for today, I want to correct myself.

With the message “Let There Be Light” last week I quoted John chapter 1 verse 44 through 46, when Philip told Nathanael his friend they have found the Messiah and that he is Jesus of Nazareth and Nathanael asked in verse 46 “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Last week, instead of saying it was Nathaniel I said it was Stephen, which is wrong. It is Nathaniel and I apologize for that. For those of you that are versed with the Bible, you already knew what I’m talking about, but I want to correct myself okay?

There are lots of wonderful things happening in this country that are affecting the whole world. Glory to God! And at the same time lots of wonderful things are happening in the body of Christ that are mind-boggling. What a great time to be in the Kingdom of Our God. If you are asking yourself, “How come these things are not happening in my life?” stay tuned and take a listen. You need to have an attitude adjustment okay brothers nd sisters?

In John chapter 1 verses one through five it says,

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God he was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made. Without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” Keep that in mind especially verses 4 & 5 that life was the light of all mankind and Jesus made us to be his light now as he is sitting in the right hand of God making his enemies to be made his footstool he passed that baton to all of us born-again Christians. Okay, verse 5, “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” Automatically when the light shines darkness disappears.

To those of you who seem to be unable to get out of bad situations, who have challenges who have afflictions and pain, who are facing many challenges, let the Lord Jesus be the Lord of your life not just Savior but the Lord of your life and that light will shine in the darkness and the darkness will be dispelled. All will disappear in that area of your life. Trust Him. It is as easy as that. When we are born again, we are not under the law anymore, but we are under grace. We may live here in this world, but we are not of it. Our lifestyle our confession and profession our priorities are not the same as the world it is different because in the kingdom of God Jesus Christ is our priority and we apply his ways of doing things here on earth that will shed light into the dark areas of our lives. So let there be light.

Okay! Prophecy released for 2018 and beyond is this:

We are in an accelerated mode. The Kingdom of our God and the Kingdom of this world everything is moving fast and both kingdoms are producing fruits. So for us that are in the Kingdom of our God, the good seeds we sowed all these years will come to bear fruits and we will harvest these fruits. Things we used to wait for a long time to manifest, not this year. So now on the contrary bad things the wicked people the bad things that they were doing and they were getting away with those two will bear fruits and they will harvest that while the body of Christ is harvesting righteousness the world is harvesting wickedness for the wicked we can say that they will experience the boomerang effect all their hypocrisy all their double standards all they’re calling evil good will go back to haunt them and the same thing that they have said confessed and did they will harvest them press down shaken together and running over and you know what that is still the mercy of God because he will allow them to experience the seeds or to eat or partake of the fruits the bad seeds that they have so that in the end there is a good chance that they will change their ways and they will call on the name of the Lord and they will be saved in God’s heart it’s always about love and mercy and forgiveness and second chances okay he is that wonderful one example I released a prophecy last Sunday the same prophecy that God is accelerating everything and manifestations of those things from him concerning the body of Christ as a sign that we are in accelerated mode he said and I release it last Sunday that there will be some things that will happen in Washington DC that are in accordance to his will and once that manifest the instruction for the body of Christ is to spend time with him pray in the spirit and correct those things that the Holy Spirit will show you that need correction and things will drastically change in our own person lives me and Mike attended a ministers conference in Fort Worth Texas last week KCM ministers conference to be exact all the revelations and prophecies we received in 2017 and the prophecies I released for 2018 were all confirmed from the mouths of this great man of God actually 15 of them they confirm each one that I released and I preached about last week what we have been prophesying and hearing from God that is a very humbling experience for me and I was really encouraged at the same time I recognize the responsibility when God gives you prophecies and revelation that I have that this ministry we have to share these revelations and prophecies to every and by every available means possible and that’s where you come from that will be your part your part is to receive the prophecy obey the instruction and share it to others share it to others and tell them that is preaching the gospel and making disciples on your part you have to obey and follow the instructions to the letter okay so on the second day of the conference in the evening the Lord instructed me to watch the news that there is a manifestations of what he had me released that week and the science that will manifest that God was talking about and so there it is for the first time our president vice president and the Speaker of the House all spoke and declared that day that their support they support the sanctity of human life if you miss that significant event it is time for you to stop everything and thank God for His mercy towards this country and that his will will be done here on earth and God will continue to use our political leaders to bring about and this nation to about godly changes here on earth God is using our president and many of our political leaders to judge other nations of the earth this is a strategy by God being inspired our leaders are especially our president being inspired by the Holy Spirit in listening to god-fearing men and women that are his advisor God has placed brothers and sisters in Christ who fear God and will also have brilliant minds and have the strategy to counsel the president let us continue to pray for them at the same time everybody knows that our Embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and it was just announced by vice president that it will be accelerated instead of being finished in four years now they’re talking about two years or even 12 months what does it mean well because the acceleration mode and everything is taking place and it also means that Jerusalem being the capital of Israel is completely off the table from the peace negotiations in the region this is how significant this one is this is how big it is and all of those things just like our president Vice President the Speaker of the House supported the sanctity and expressed their support for the sanctity of human life that is dear and important in the heart of our God same thing with Jerusalem being declared as a capital of Israel is very important and dear to our God what does it mean it means to say that we the people of God the Lord is now hearing our prayer and his healing the entire United States of America in spite of ourselves because he is that good okay and the most important thing is this ministry and since you support this ministry you are part of it the Lord send us in Israel last year during Pentecost and instructed me to lead others to prophesy and pray for our embassy to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem we walked that land we prophesied that land we took pictures because we know it is coming because God have spoken and he said that President Trump will be the president who is going to honor that commitment not only to the American people but to God and to the nation of Israel glory to God our Lord Jesus Christ have chosen Jerusalem as his City and he commences all of us to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and it’s now is getting easier and easier isn’t that wonderful and for the body of Christ let us remember that we are not under the law we are under grace also keep in mind any unconfessed sin is not forgiven you need to go to our Lord Jesus Christ or run to him and ask for forgiveness and tell him tell him of everything that you’re going to through and then ask be humble enough to ask for his forgiveness and ask the Holy Spirit to to show the way out of your situation okay and then don’t do those wicked things again don’t sin anymore because once you ask the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you they are erased and forgiven and forgotten and you need to move on that’s how much Jesus loves you and how wonderful and merciful he is so for those of you who are still pining away the good old days always looking back and always melancholy and depressed because you’re not getting what you want what a waste of time what a waste of effort what a waste of your gifts because you are a gift to the world and you have an important job to fulfill that is to glorify Him and at the same time what God has for you it is Allah not better than your desires right now so it’s like you cannot even comprehend every time God manifests blessings to you from now on if you accept him there they are so good that that the only reason that you deserve them to enjoy them and to live like a king is because he is in love with you he loves you and he will never give up on you so take a stand and move on okay now having said that God will not give you anything or bless or manifest something that you will end up hurting yourself or others you need to be found trustworthy in little things Luke chapter 16 verses 10 through 12 whoever look chapter 16 verses 10 through 12 whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much so if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth who would trust you with true riches and if you have not been trustworthy with someone else’s property who will give you property of your own you need to be found trustworthy so that you will not hurt yourself or not hurt others okay because the true test of how matured or immature we are is when we have the power to destroy or to retaliate when we have all the resources when you have all the fame and somebody sinned against you or somebody offended you what are you going to do we have that power what are you going to do with that resources see Jesus has all the power in heaven on earth to destroy all of us when we sin and create a new generation of people but he would not and he will never do that because of his love towards you and me so my focus for the next several weeks is for freedom Fellowship Church to have an encounter with God I started teaching them how to develop that person intimate the relationship with God our Lord Jesus Christ needs that relationship he desires it from my own experience and walk with the Lord I know definitely once you fall in love with him you will never go back and in spite of the hardship or challenges you will face along the way in the end you will still choose him because why that relationship the Holy Spirit will make sure that it will go deeper and higher and that he will continue to ignite that fire in you and our Lord Jesus Christ will never waste time he will love on you he will accept you for who you are he was strengthen you he will encourage you he will protect you he is in love with you okay your life following the Lord Jesus Christ a new preaching the gospel of good news never gets old from that time on and there will always be signs and wonders following you and it is going to be an exciting and fulfilling life no matter what he is that good okay as I mentioned to you during our previous broadcast we cannot help ourselves but to expand our outreaches time is a 10 Joshua Nichole and Kobe and James when he has time are expanding the website he has all the technology they’re researching and probably real soon we will go into offer and start the prophetic school online we heard from our partners and members the listeners of this radio and for those who follow sons of God ministries our website s OGM all the data received always show that the prophetic train and school they’re very much needed in the body of Christ we’re talking about the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ okay it’s not about end times it’s not about that we are in the last days and we should focus on the challenges that we face today okay I will focus on that too and I’ve been preparing and encouraging the core team to take their post and they start mentoring they started teaching they started praying more and some of them will help me in the prophetic and business goals I am a team player and I don’t want the responsibility that everybody is depending on me all the time when it comes to the works in the kingdom of God and as long as you do not deviate from the vision of this ministry you can go as high and far as you will allow the Lord to lead you the most important thing is I would like for you to really experience the supernatural and people will see your life and they will see your glory and you know what success solution answers those are the ones that will lead others to look on you and to believe your message so let us disciple one another and let us allow ourself to be trained if you know that you don’t need any training or discipleship that is the time that you need one okay and the Holy Spirit is always our teacher he will guide us into all truth and he will speak what he hears from God the Father and God the Son if you are led by the Holy Spirit you can never be led astray he will make sure of that even if you make a mistake he’ll correct them as long as you cooperate and submit to his dealing and I just want to remind you in Matthew chapter 28 verses 18 through 20 the Great Commission Jesus did not just command his disciples to go to all nations and to make disciples but he commands every born-again believer to obey this commission yes you give to this ministry you pray for me and yes you tithe and you support and finance ministers that are going in the mission field and said that is wonderful all of us should do that in accordance to our resources we have to be extra generous but you know what in addition to that God will never excuse us from obeying this Great Commission so what do we do we don’t look at the pulpit as the ultimate because your life is the living epistle for the world to read your example the life on how blessed you are and how faithful you are you can win them to Christ because you’ll be the answer and you can disciple within those sphere of influence outside of the four walls of our buildings because if either you’re born again Christian or you don’t you cannot turn that thing off and half of you belongs to the world it’s not going to happen okay you know every Sunday service every Wednesday service we have to have a new person to come in to get ministered to to get prayed for because if we operate and obey and we are mindful that God expects all of us to obey Him because we love Him that is the Great Commission all of our Sunday services and Wednesday services will be all full okay so it is not an excuse for you I am glad you are tighter I am glad you give above and beyond your tithe I’m glad you are volunteering I’m glad you are financing the mission and I’m glad you’re supporting this ministry but you can also preach the gospel by your life and within your sphere of influence even your own family okay Ephesians chapter 4 verse 11 through 13 it says so Christ Himself gave the the prophets the evangelists the pastors and teachers to equip his people for works of service all of us need to be equipped for the works of service what is that work of service that is not just the Ministry of Health that that is not just washing dishes that is not it the works of service in the kingdom of God is to preach the gospel to minister to one another to pray for one another and yes those volunteer works okay so to equip his people for works of service until we all reach unity in faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature attaining to the whole measure of the stature or fullness of Christ God gave the five offices not just as pastors okay but all of the five offices have one purpose to equip his people for works of service in this world okay so it is important for us to understand that okay just like here at freedom for sub charts we do fundraising events it is different from others because we invest money on the stuff that we sell okay we pray over them and we all work I’m teaching everybody how to do business God’s Way that is on-the-job training and at the same time we are financing the gospel especially now I’m scheduled to go to the Philippines and then lead a group in Nigeria and every other places for 2018 I’m also planning on holding a prophetic school probably within the next three months because I need to follow up on the prophecies that were released and because the Holy Spirit is so active and he’s giving us a lot and I want to share those with you okay it is important for us to understand that all of us has to be in the works of service inside and outside the four walls of our ministry it is a lifestyle for all of us you don’t need to quote scriptures you don’t need to pray loud you don’t need to be obnoxious they are watching you and if you have problems or issues with the company that you work for or your supervisor and so you know what to do what the Bible said you pray you pray for them and I guarantee you they will feel that prayer they will grant you a favor like the Lord was with Joseph and he found favor you and as I’m saying that’s who we are you’ll find favor and I’m running out of time again remember we are in an accelerated mode and I bless you for tuning in and I bless you for supporting this ministry we have lots of work to do and now I will do my part you will do your part where you’re at amen until next time Thank you for listening. We all hope you were blessed by this message today. If you were let us hear from you. If you wish to contact us or sow a seed, our phone number is 210-396-7891 Saturday’s program call us at 210-695-1630 send all emails to and all letters to P.O. Box 1579 Helotes, Texas 78023 for more info including service times and upcoming events find us at

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Episode 307: Prophecy for 2018 and Beyond

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