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Episode 332: Instruction for Dominion

Praise God, we’ve been hearing for some time now that the Lord is doing a new thing in the earth and we are seeing the righteous come to places of prominence in every sector of society and I’m here to tell you that will continue. For those of us in the body of Christ in the background, we need to be in prayer. Our place is a place of intercession on a regular basis to stand in the gap for our nation, for our nation’s leaders, for our city, for our provinces, for our government leaders, for our business leaders. For what purpose? For them to hear from God and to align with the Lord in every area of their life and work. It is our place as believers in Christ, as the body of Christ, to pray for our leadership.

  • Psalm 1
  • Psalm 2
  • Ezekiel 33:11
  • Proverbs 24:17-18

Published: August 06, 2018

Originally Aired: August 04, 2018

Speakers: Mike Sosso




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Episode 332: Instruction for Dominion

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