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Episode 344: The Heart of God in Prophecy and Political Revival

The prophecy released at that time for 2016 and beyond is this: The United States of America will experience a political revival if the people of God, especially the leaders, will unite and vote for righteousness. And when this manifests, the United States of America will enter its finest hour. The economy will take off, and we will do economic expansion as we continue to expand our influence all over the world, and that applies also to the Body of Christ. At the same time, the transfer of wealth, influence and affluence will manifest to those believers who are financing the preaching of the gospel and discipleship, those who have been a good steward, those that are righteous and are ready. So don’t focus on the wealth alone. In this upcoming election let us focus on the transfer of influence part, okay? A lot of times, God seems to be slow in manifesting prophecies. All are in His perfect timing, and prophecies are dependant on the condition of the body of Christ.

Published: November 05, 2018

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




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Episode 344: The Heart of God in Prophecy and Political Revival

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