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Episode 540: Forty Days and Forty Nights

For the next forty days and forty nights, focus on what God is saying to the church and your role in the transfer of wealth and influence. Set aside these days to focus on hearing from God and allowing Him to teach and guide you. Throughout the Bible, whenever forty days and nights is mentioned, there is always a major event that takes place that changes the course of history. This is our time to allow God to prepare us for what is to come. Ask Him to purify your heart and renew your mind. Unlearn those little things, and correct them, or they will disqualify you; remember that it is the little foxes that spoil the vine. Moses received the commandments and all of the details for the tabernacle in just forty days. Nothing is too great for God!

Published: August 08, 2022

Originally Aired: August 06, 2022

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




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Episode 540: Forty Days and Forty Nights

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