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Episode 549: Focus on God's Will

God wants to put the Body of Christ in a position of authority and influence, but He cannot do that until we have reached maturity. What does maturity look like? Maturity is being cognizant of the will of God every step of the way, in everything we do, because how will you ever know if you are straying from His will, if you do not even know what His will is? Another sign of maturity is taking responsibility and not seeking attention. We must also treat the instructions God has given us as sacred. We cannot be like Samson, who did what he pleased and only went to God when he was in trouble. We cannot be like the young prophet, who let someone else lead him to disobey his instructions. In order for God to trust us with the nations, we must prove ourselves trustworthy now. We must focus on the will of God. We must mature.

Published: October 10, 2022

Originally Aired: October 08, 2022

Speakers: Joshua Sosso




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Episode 549: Focus on God's Will

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