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Have A Grateful Heart (Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: December 11, 2022
This evening Pastor Cristina spoke about the goodness of our God and how he has never lost a battle, this is because His people obeyed his instructions. Today we cloud our minds with nonsense and personal opinions that result in us being unable to hear our God clearly. If we rid ourselves of these opinions, we will be able to hear his instructions clearly. We should pray to have to Lord watch over our mouths, so in that way we will not sin against our Father. Be willing to go through changes, it is better for us to be lost and uncomfortable in situations, that leaves you open to God’s instructions, rather than to move under our own understanding and ultimately getting in the way of the Lord. The Holy Spirit should be the leader of our lives and decisions, to accomplish this is to have a prayerful life asking the Holy Spirit to show us how and what to pray about, these types of prayers show that we are committed to doing things God’s way. Keep your selfishness out of prayers, it is no longer all about you but advancing the Kingdom of God. Remember that correction is not a bad thing, it only means that our Father cares for you, after all what parent doesn’t correct those they love? A reminder for us all is that Jesus did not go to the cross so that we may all be happy, but so that we may have the joy of the Lord, which is a constant rather than a temporary moment. That gift is with us forever, as long as we step into God’s will, because our Lord will never leave us. Focus on the light not the darkness at this time, be compassionate, caring and merciful, but we are not to be stepped all over. We carry authority over this world over the darkness and principalities that come against us. This sermon was delivered at Freedom Fellowship Church International by Pastor Cristina Sosso on December 11, 2022.