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08/27/2023 | Reset Is Coming ( Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: August 27, 2023
What foundation is your life built on? Is it built on pride? Are you seeking to glorify yourself? Without our Father as our chief cornerstone, everything that we have built up for ourselves will be for nothing. Our plans will be thrown into disarray, and we will be left with nothing. Our Father has said that united people can do the impossible, but we as the body are not the ones who are united, it is the wicked. We must continue to pray and ask for guidance in all that we do. Leave your ego and personal desires behind, put the Kingdom of God in front of you. Time is in our hands. Pray in the spirit, prepare yourself, a reset is coming. God has said that this coming month is a month of intense implementation. Are you ready? Is your heart right? Take some time to step away and have your one on one time with God. The children of God hear His voice. What do you think God will do when He has given you a commandment? Change His mind? No. He will patiently wait, forever if that what it takes. Lets no postpone anymore time, big things are coming, so lets hop in.