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09/11/2022 | Abide in God's Presence (Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: September 11, 2022
Pastor Cristina discusses the importance of trusting in God and obeying him. Imagine if all of Freedom Fellowship Church began operating in supernatural power? Imagine how even as a small group we could transform the world? When we become one with God, we begin to sound like him, and act like Him. In the same way, God sounds like you when you obey Him, but the biggest thing that stops Christians from truly stepping into the supernatural is they are still thinking and operating in the natural realm. They might have doubts like “If I obey God, I’ll lose everything.” or “If I obey God, I’ll never have any fun.” This shows that they do not trust God, but what we need to realize is that no one can love you more than God loves you. Begin abiding in God and you will truly discover the depths of His love and He will take of those things that concern you. This sermon was delivered by Pastor Cris Sosso at Freedom Fellowship Church International on September 11, 2022.