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12/25/2022 | Faith Will Lead Us To Our Destiny (Joshua, James & Ericka Sosso)

Published: December 25, 2022
This Christmas morning we had the privilege of hearing Joshua, James and Ericka, each gave examples of faith as well as disbelief in the scriptures. Zachariah was given a prophecy from God through the angel Gabriel, but Zachariah’s disbelief caused the angel Gabriel to make him mute. Sometimes it is better to keep silent, so that words of doubt would not spread through the air around you causing others to be pulled down. Mary was given the good news of being gifted with our Savior and instead of doubting she rejoiced in the Lord. Her actions corresponded with the news she was given. Our Father has a small requirement of us and that is to believe and obey Him, take His words and take action yourself. There will be times much like in the bible where prophecy was spoken but did not come to pass until generations down the line. The obedience of those who followed instructions created a ripple effect for all of us, much like how our obedience now will effect those after us. Lets us all take hold of God’s promises to us, take action, and bring Heaven down to those to come. Merry Christmas Everyone. This sermon was delivered at Freedom Fellowship Church International on December 25, 2022.