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10/03/2021 | Remove The Idols In Your Life (Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: October 03, 2021
In II Chronicles Asa was the king, but he needed courage to take down the idols, because all of the people were committing idolatry, so he was doing something that would’ve been unpopular. However the most important thing in our life has to be “What was the instruction of the Lord?” and that is the reason Asa focused on that. We must do the same in our life. We must take courage to remove the wicked people who are in authority, and we must remove the idols that we have in our life. For some of us the our idol is an idol of “self”, and so long as you have that idol or any other idols in place the Holy Spirit will not empower you. Remember, the promises of God do not get delayed because of God, but it is because the people of God were not obedient to him and did not value the blessings and instructions of God. This sermon was delivered by Pastor Cristina Sosso on October 3, 2021 at Freedom Fellowship Church International.