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12/18/2022 | Walk In The Spirit (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: December 19, 2022
Tonight’s word focused on changing how we view the world, what we see in the natural does not match up with what is going on in the spirit. So if we get caught up in what we are seeing in the world, all the corruption, murder, chaos we could easily be overwhelmed with fear and doubt. If we continue to focus on the natural, it could cause us to stumble spreading negativity and fear. Pastor Joshua also brushed up on the desires of the flesh and how none of them have a place in our Fathers kingdom. (Ephesians 5:3-5) Many Christians today instead of addressing the issues that make them uncomfortable like to ignore it, but this is actually more like a taunt from the enemy. Instead we need to grab ahold of our Father’s promise to us, that He Himself will wipeout all the wickedness in the world. Lets look past the problems of our lives, of this nation, of the world, much like David did with Goliath. He did not focus on the problem in front of him (Goliath). Instead he looked at the benefits for the Kingdom of our Father and the benefits for his family. It’s time to prepare for all the industries that we are going to replace, remember we are not improving these nations but completely changing. them. Everyday we need to ask our Father what these changes look like, what steps we need to take to reach these goals. This sermon was delivered at Freedom Fellowship Church by Pastor Joshua Sosso.