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11/20/2022 | An Opportunity You Don't Want To Miss

Published: November 21, 2022
This evening service picked up on this morning service, are we going to give up our schedule in place of Gods Schedule? He also gave a great example of how fast God could set the stage for you for victory. King Saul focused on the the will of God and he quickly chosen as king by a cast of lots. Even when he had had people who had no interest in him being king, God had already had a set of events unfolding. (1 Samuel Chapters 9, 10, & 11) This example shows us that once we pull ourselves out of our selfish desires of everything being on our time, God could put his plans for us in action, even accelerating or victories and goals. The opportunities are too great for us to pass up. Lets leap into God’s time and get excited of what is in store for God’s people and ourselves. This sermon was delivered by Joshua Sosso at Freedom Fellowship Church on November 20, 2022