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05/14/2023 | Are You Thinking Kingdom Minded? (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: May 14, 2023
Pastor Josh focuses on the idea of being kingdom minded in our lives. While we may be worried about our career or future spouse, God will solve those problems. Don’t you think if God called you into his will, he will take care of those areas in your life? But if we are following God’s instructions, we have to be in a constant conversation with him. Not only do we speak to God, but we listen whatever he tells us. To achieve the areas God has placed us in, we have to have a kingdom mindset and be totally sold out to God. Pastor Josh said it perfectly, “Are we going to rebuild these industries according to God? Or the way they were building in Babylon?” We need to widen our gaze and start focusing on the spiritual realm. This sermon was delivered at Freedom Fellowship Church International in San Antonio, TX.