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08/13/2023 | Powerful Prayer And Healing (Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: August 13, 2023
Why have you not received your healing? Could it be the words that come out of your mouth? Perhaps it is the company that you keep? Do you allow the enemy to profess unbelief in your healing? Even though the pain has not ceased and even though you still feel sick, you have to walk, talk, and think healed. It is okay to rest when you feel weak, and it is okay to ask our Father to help with the pain. After you have been prayed for in your healing, do not go back for the same prayer, it shows a lack of belief. Keep in mind that not all healing happens in the same way, forget about past experiences and past instructions in healing. God wants to see your faith regardless of head knowledge. Once you have walked your healing, you can know begin to heal others. Pastor Cristina spoke powerful prayers. These prayers were spoken by believers of God, who understood the magnitude of God’s abilities. They know that if the Father has given them instructions, that He will be right there by their sides to make sure that nothing gets in the way of those who do His will. Remember whatever our Father has told us that he is giving us, is set in stone, but it is up to us to walk it. No one can disqualify us from what God has given to us but ourselves. You cannot stop telling about everything you have seen and heard through God. Just like John and peter told the council. (Acts 4:20) Big things are coming beautiful people so get excited and be aware that time is of the essence. This sermon was released at Freedom Fellowship Church International on August 13, 2023 by Pastor Cristina Sosso