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01/18/2023 | Be Persistent

Published: January 19, 2023
Tonight’s key word is Persistence. This evening Ms. Deborah Ferrel brought a power pack sermon about chasing after God through all our walks of life. We were reminded that this is a year of explosion, restoration, and thankfully a reset. We have no time for delay, no time for our opinions, and absolutely not time for the world’s ways of doing things. You can try to do it the world’s way but you will just be frustrating yourself. Seek the presence of our Father with a made up mindset that is God’s way or no way. Everything that God has spoken over us may seem impossible with our pea sized brain of worldly thinking, but with the faith in our Father all things are possible. Our Father doesn’t do anything unless it gives glory to His kingdom, His people, and Himself, in all that we do we need to keep this in mind. Pursue our Father not because you feel you have to or have been told to do se, but to fall in love with Him daily, to build a relationship with Him, and to be able to tap into the Kingdom mindset that comes with this intimacy. This sermon was delivered at Freedom Fellowship Church on January 18, 2023 by Ms. Deborah Ferrel.