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06/26/2022 | If Not Now, Then When? (James Sosso)

Published: June 27, 2022
Tonight’s short, sweet and powerful message given by Mr. James Sosso focused on the preparation. Will we have an opportunity to to settle our instructions if we do not leap on them now? Mr. James turned us to Matthew 22 speaking of Jesus parable of the a king preparing a banquet for his people, servants were sent out to spread the word but none of the people paid any mind to the banquet. The king then told his servants to invite anyone good or bad. While the king was looking over his guest he noticed a man not properly dressed, he was bound and thrown out into the darkness. This parable applies to us in many ways. One to focus on is the man who was not dressed properly, who was half heartedly attending. So lets get into gear, follows all instructions God has given us and not delay any longer.