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09/25/2022 | Do Not Boast About Yourself, Boast About Our Father

Published: September 26, 2022
This evening Pastor Joshua began the service how great our God is when we are being sent out to spread His good news. That anywhere that we are sent by our Father whether it is a hostile environment or in the middle of nowhere, that place will be the safest, most blessed area we could be. In the midst of bad circumstances that is the perfect time to give God praise. Pastor Cristina followed up with the evilness of boastfulness. In all that we are blessed with by the Father it is easy to start to believe that we have acquired these possessions by our own hands. It is important to give glory and point to the Father in all that we choose to boast about. Remember without the Father all our boasting will cause all our possessions to be taken away and given to unbelievers. The love of the Father is far more than we could even comprehend, we ask for a foot from our Father and unbeknownst to us He gives us a mile. Once we fall in complete love with God, and we feel his true love and presence in our lives, we will not want to leave it. The only way to fall in complete love with our Father is to ask him how to begin. Submit yourself to his words and follow his instructions.