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04/10/2022 | Turning Curses into Blessings (Pastor Josh Sosso)

Published: April 11, 2022
Pastor Cris started the night with words of encouragement to enjoy the challenges God is giving you right now. Obedience helps grow our relationship to rely on the Holy Spirit in every aspect of our life. Pastor Josh continued on the topic of obedience with the story of Balaam of the book of Numbers. Balaam was so focused on the ways of the world he was trying to change God’s plan to what he wanted. In the end, Balaam is known for wickedness because he compromised into the ways of the world. Pastor Josh tells us when we are in the promises of God, all of the curses that are trying to hurt us are turned into blessings. Follow the will of God; don’t try to make God follow your plans. This sermon was delivered at Freedom Fellowship Church International in San Antonio, TX.