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07/17/2022 | Believe, Receive, Obey

Published: July 17, 2022
This season is a training season so we need to soak up all that we can. Gods Kingdom will move forward with or without our co-operation. God has his own ways of doing things, the sooner we receive his Words for our lives the sooner we will get the revelations of how to accomplish or goals. God is into the tiny details, we don’t have to worry about how and where we are going to get the money to support our companies. God never intended us to worry about things such as funds, only that we obey and believe that we could receive it. Only God knows what’s in store for us, it better for us to not have a clue of what the next move is. Being in that position is exactly where God wants us to be, because we would have no choice but to put our faith in him. This sermon was delivered at Freedom Fellowship Church International in San Antonio, TX.