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06/07/2023 | Obey, Believe, And Walk The Terms (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: June 08, 2023
This evenings service focused on standing on your belief that God’s words will stand. If our Father has told us that He is giving us the nations to influence, we need to stand on that Word. Our Father has told us that we are kings and priest, so will our faith stand the test of our circumstances? What about those who see the blessings and gold we have coming because of our obedience, they will try to include themselves by attempting to puff you up. Perhaps the temptation of riches and fame just look too irresistible? If you are swayed by these things it shows that your belief in God’s word has not yet become real. These are exciting times, our Father has told us that we are on the edge of such a great Spiritual revival that it would go down in history. Generations will look back and say “This is when it all began.” We need to act in obedience to God, and you will begin to see that these circumstance that seem to be overbearing, will start to conform to your faith in God’s instructions. Get excited because we are the people who are going to change the face of history. Decide if you are going to stand in God’s words and change those things that God has shown you that need to be corrected in your life. Be a radical with your faith, show our Father that His promises to us are real. This Sermon was released at Freedom Fellowship Church International on June 7, 2023 by Pastor Joshua Sosso.