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07/20/2022 | We are a Holy Nation (Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: July 21, 2022
Pastor Cris shared with us tonight a powerful sermon regarding the body of Christ being a Holy nation in Christ. She goes on to say that God identified two nations in the Bible: the nation of Israel and the body of Christ. We are established because God spoke it and it was so. Just like when God made a promise to the disciples, they started looking at the monetary values of the miracles. That kind of thinking today can get us disqualified from the Transfer of Wealth. We have to change our mindset and stop automatically thinking of how it will be paid for or where the money is going to come from. We have to fully believe that no matter what the circumstances look like, we wholeheartedly trust God and stand on his promises. Do not be intimidated by the giants in the areas God has called you. If he gave you his word, his will make a way for you.