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08/01/2021 | Park Your Own Plan (Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: August 01, 2021
God is emphasizing in this season that He is holy and He will show Himself as holy. Those Christians who wronged others, especially other Christians, will reap the harvest they have sown unless they make corrections. Harvest is here now and what you do affects others. All of these things are important for anybody called to the transfer of wealth influence and affluence. Also as we come to God we have to set aside all of our expectations, opinions, and desires. For God’s plan is greater. When Saul was still in his father’s house he left to find some donkeys that escaped. He while searching he though, “We can ask the prophet about this”. When Saul was praying and hoping for a Word from God regarding the missing animals the Word he received was “I have chosen you to be the next king of Israel”. In the same way the things that we are focusing on and praying and fasting for are tiny compared to what God actually wants to do in our lives if we allow Him. This sermon was delivered by Pastor Cristina Sosso at Freedom Fellowship Church International.