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04/03/2022 | Getting Back into God's Hierarchy (Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: April 07, 2022
Pastor Cris discusses the importance of trusting in and relying on God. When we make our own descisions and our own choices we declare independence from God. You are saying that you don’t need Him. We need to rely on God in every area. During the creation story God create mankind in His image male and female and He gave them dominion over the earth and all the plants and animals. When Adam and Even sinned Adam blamed God and the woman and then He put her under Him by giving her a name. These things are all a part of the fall, but Jesus Christ is the second Adam has restored us back into way things were at the Garden of Eden. That means we are being restored back to a position where we walk along side God and have all the authority and power in heaven and on earth. This sermon was delivered by Pastor Cristina Sosso at Freedom Fellowship Church International on April 3, 2022.