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08/01/2021 | Consult Jesus First (Pastor Joshua Sosso and Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: August 02, 2021
Set aside your personal agendas because God desires to give us so much more. He is waiting for us to trust Him so that He can restore us and we must trust Him because even though we don’t realize it, the answer is already on the way. Set aside everything and whatever your assignment, always approach it with the newness of life in Christ Jesus. We need to learn to start applying God’s agenda without being directed because soon we will be the spiritual leaders that will be an example to many. Lose the mindset that each day is just another day or you are taking on just another routine. Everywhere we go is an opportunity to be led by the Holy Spirit. As we stop making decisions about what we want to do and prove that we’re faithful in little, God is going to replace our agendas and plans with even greater things! This sermon was delivered by Pastor Joshua Sosso at Freedom Fellowship Church International.