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06/04/2023 | It's Always A Heart Issue (Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: June 04, 2023
The Heart issue is always at the center of all flaws in a Christian. All the thoughts of elevating ourselves, we got to be smarter, wiser, more anointed are all rooted from a heart issue. Ask for discernment when it comes to being lead of the spirit, because sometimes that spirit may be your own. Talk to the Lord to show you corrections, to show you what you could do to do more for Him and His kingdom. Remember God does not need us, but he has decided not to leave us. Many are called but few are chosen, we have all been picked for the Kingdom of God, but will we answer the call? This is a season of manifestations and a time of no delay, it is our responsibility to inform and prepare those who do not know any better or who have been misinformed. We need to preach the kingdom of God and its goods, as well as the repercussions of sin. We are joint heirs of Christ, but not only that we are His body, so carry yourself with integrity, ask the Lord for guidance, for a heart after His own heart, and correction. This sermon was released at Freedom Fellowship Church International on June 04, 2023 by Pastor Cristina Sosso.