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09/12/2021 | God's Timing Over Everything (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: September 13, 2021
God is looking for people who are reliant on Him even in positions of power. When Saul was died, David did not presume that he would be placed on the throne immediately. He never conspired against Saul even though he knew he would replace him. David knew that his authority was given from heaven so he didn’t assume it was his time to rule before asking the Lord. God used various situations to prepare the transfer from the Kingdom of Saul to the Kingdom of David. We have to ask ourselves, if we’re going to be this type of person: when in a position of power, will we ask God first and rely on Him first? We must mold ourselves into this person right now before we have any influence. Drop your opinions and let God’s inspiration come first and foremost in your life. Don’t assume things, don’t be presumptive and love God. Model yourself into the kind of person who will rely on God when you have nothing and even when you have everything. If you do this you will be part of the nameless and faceless people who will change the world for God’s glory!