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04/16/2023 | Prophetic School Pt. 2 (Pastor Christina Sosso)

Published: April 16, 2023
Pastor Christina Sosso spoke of the power of prophecy. We are all be trained to be completely reliant on the word and leading of our God. In these last days purity of the Word is needed, we can not allow ourselves or others to add or remove anything that was given in the Word. When you add or take away from the Word of God his presence takes a step back, because we have taken our own step out of His will. As a nation of the body of Christ we have the dominion to bring down the other nations of this world. We can not do this this by our own might but through the obedience we have under God’s will. God’s move has already been set in motion, for all those foundations whos intent is to destroy this country, judgment is upon them now. The outcome of the prophecy given to you is not bound to the prophet who releases the word to you, you are the only one who can qualify and disqualify yourself from the manifestation. You can’t try to point a finger at the prophet because it did not come to pass, look at yourself, what do you need to correct? Are we continuing to turn back to the worlds ways of doing things, or perhaps maybe we are adding some of the worlds ways into our instructions without even realizing it? This Sermon was released at Freedom Fellowship Church International on April 16, 2023 by Pastor Christina Sosso