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God's Love Endures Forever (Ms. Paula Nations)

Published: February 16, 2023
A power packed message about keeping our faith in God’s goodness. How many times have we been beat down by the enemy to the point of questioning God’s goodness and word? The enemy comes at you faith in ways that you may not be aware of. Satan brings a piece of God’s truth and twists it with a lie. In the case of Adam and Eve he convinced them that God did not say that they would die, but would become more like God. He bamboozled them out of something they had already had. He cause them to doubt God’s word, love, and goodness, by convincing them that God was holding out on them. Look into yourself and ask yourself, where in your life do we have a serpent? Sometimes disbelief comes from religion, passed down from generations of uncorrected beliefs. Have you ever thought to yourself that you are undeserving? That you are not qualified for something, or maybe it’s because you are in sin? All lies! In fact thinking like this is a sin. Our Father’s love endures forever, and he has no qualifications for whom he chooses for his kingdom. We need to push back all these negative thoughts and disbelief with God’s word, defend our Father’s goodness with scripture of truth. This sermon was released at Freedom Fellowship Church International on February 12, 2023 by Ms. Paula Nations