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11/02/2022 | How To Be Kingdom Minded Kings (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: November 03, 2022
This evenings service focused on our duties in industries God has given us to rule over. We need to begin this mission on our knees asking our Father for wisdom and understanding. All our selfish desires need to be pushed aside. Put our Father as our main consultant, to guide and lead us to be wise and honorable kings over these nations. Most believer fall short because they try to follow God’s way along with the ways of the world. We can not look to the worlds way of doing things if we are to take over these nations. As a believer we will need to be trusted in all that we are given. (Luke 16:11) If we are trusted with little, we will be trusted with much. The same goes for dishonesty. (Luke 16:10) Truth be told if we just follow our Fathers instructions and leading all our hearts desire will be given to us. God’s way always accelerates our learning, we shouldn’t worry about how we are going to accomplish our mission. If we choose to take God’s mercy and patience for granted, we shouldn’t be surprised if we lose out on this move. God’s will will be done whether we are a part of it our not. We are those nameless faceless people who think Kingdom minded. If you are not, make it your goal. This sermon was delivered at Freedom Fellowship Church International in San Antonio, TX.