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05/07/2023 | Fall In Love With Jesus Christ ( Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: May 07, 2023
Pastor Cristina brought us back to the “elementary” teaching, because it hold valuable truths. Talk to our Father, fall in love with Him, build a daily relationship with Him. Now, speaking to God is not a quick nightly prayer. Something we do like it is on a checklist. It is a continual conversation, where you ask and listen. Be patient and persistent, our Father loves us and will answer us. With this relationship, our love for Jesus will begin to grow. Your prayers of healings will no longer be something that is constantly brought up in our prayers with Him. Why? Because you will learn that when we ask our Father for something, it is done, continuing to ask for something you have already asked for is a sign of disbelief. Don’t over complicate talking to our Father, it does not to be a spectacle, it is a simple conversation, like talking to a love one or friend. You will be amazed what a relationship with God can do for you, a real relationship. Signs and wonders will begin to follow you, you will begin to see the world through the eyes of Christ, you will begin to crave His presence. Once that happens you will not want to leave it. This sermon was released at Freedom Fellowship Church International by Pastor Cristina Sosso on May 7, 2023