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10/15/2023 | The Structure Of The Kingdom (Pastor Mike Sosso)

Published: October 15, 2023
Pastor Mike Sosso brings us a message of the structure of the Kingdom of God, and a new biblical definition of the word Church. The Kingdom of God flows from the bottom up. In order to become greater, you must first become a servant. (Mark 10:14) Jesus came to bring us life and not a religion, He showed us how the Kingdom of God works. He came with Love because He is Love, even when rejected by His own people He chose to treat them with Love rather than condemn them. That is how we should be viewing those that push back from our Father. We should pray for conviction of the Holy Spirit, afterall we can not save anyone without the Holy Spirits okay. Even know Jesus is at the right hand of the Father praying and interceding for all of us, the saved and the unsaved. If he is our example, we should be doing that here and now on the Earth. Everyday you must renew your mind so that the old man in you does not gain a foothold of your life once again. It is important that you take time to spend time with the Lord and that means reading the word as well as worship. Get excited beautiful people, this revival will eclipse that of the Azusa street revival.