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10/22/2023 | God Will Touch Our Mouths (Pastor Mike Sosso)

Published: October 22, 2023
Pastor Mike Sosso gave a Holy Spirit lead message this morning about being a willing vessel to our Lord Jesus. All that needs to be done on our part is to be willing to be used by the Holy Spirit. When you don’t know what to say in a particular situation, our Father will give us the words to say. How do we get to that point, by spending time in God’s word. We have been given dominion over the earth at the beginning of creation, and He has not taken that word back. So don’t let the enemy convince you that you have no authority. In Matthew 22 we are told a parable of the man who was found at the Lord’s wedding banquet without the proper attire and was thrown out into darkness. The parable shows us that God’s message is for all people both good and bad who are willing to hear the message. The man who was not properly dressed represents those who know the message but choose to continue in their sinful ways. The conditions of the heart is the garment. We have no time for excuses or delays. We have been empowered by this message and by the words given to us. Let’s go out there and spread the good news. This sermon was released at Freedom Fellowship Church International by Pastor Mike Sosso on October 22, 2023