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10/26/2022 | God's Mighty Hand (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: October 27, 2022
Pastor Joshua talks this evening about being obedient to God. His judgment against the wicked in this nation has been postponed, only because his people have not gotten in line. It is by his great mercy that he has not begun to judge the wicked. If we will not obey Gods commands we are putting ourselves in the position to be passed up. God will give the victory to the next generation, and we could be the judged. We are the turning point of this generation, if we only take our Father at his word and obey his commands. Don’t allow our own personal circumstances take precedence over God’s will. When that day comes when we as a body choose to focus and obey God, he will separate us from the wicked, and those who chose to put themselves above God’s commands will be judged with the wicked. Its time to take our instructions serious, to be kingdom minded, and move mightily in God’s kingdom.