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09/20/2023 | Focus And Discipline (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: September 21, 2023
Pastor Cristina started off this service addressing issues in the body, both in individuals and as a whole body of Christ. We are still be told to kept our opinions to ourselves. Some of us if not many of us have not been keeping this instruction. Our nations are under attack, because we have failed to pay attention to the fruits of our leaders. Our borders are being bombarded by immigrants, wars have been funded, and politicians have been compromised, and many Christians have been preaching judgment. That is not the heart of our Father. Is this what our Father has in mind for His people? No, God’s plan is for us all to have life and have it abundantly, not for the unsaved and worldly to be punished. Let us not forget that many of us ourselves fall under the category of wickedness, we are not exempt from that punishment that is being preached. Look to our Father, ask Him how to schedule your day. Ask Him to give you a heart after His own heart. Keep Him as your number one, before you look to the prophets, or you could fall to idolatry. Our Father has been withholding judgment because it is not His will, let us not disappoint Him. A heavy but much needed Word. Thank You Father!