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05/02/2021 | Jesus at the Center of It All (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: May 03, 2021
When God calls us to greatness as He did with Elisha, we must be all in. God can’t work supernaturally through partial obedience, and we can’t keep creating delays for ourselves by being double-minded. God has our best interest in mind and when we put the Kingdom of God first and foremost, we’ll find that every desire and need will be added unto us as well. What God wants to do in our world is akin to what happened in the Renaissance movement, when rich families such as the Medici family financed artists to create the vision God had given them. God wants us to step up to the plate so that we are the ones pushing what is in education and in arts and entertainment. This is the influence and affluence He is giving to His people. We need to show others the way that God wants us to live rather than condemning them because it is a relationship with God and an encounter with Him that turns lives around. We will see that the pursuit of love for God, righteousness and right-standing with God will lead to a nationwide revival of values and abundance that we get the privilege to be a part! This sermon was delivered by Pastor Josh Sosso at Freedom Fellowship Church International on May 02, 2021.