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05/21/2023 | Submit To Spiritual Authority (Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: May 21, 2023
Do you know what your spiritual authority is? Are you valuing you time? Do you know who to run to when you are in need of something? Our Father is the number one authority in our lives, He comes before yourself and even your spouse. Pastor Cristina hit several important points of what is expected as a believer. We can’t allow ourselves to be side tracked by our spouses when our Father gives us instructions. For those of us who are always seeing guidance and seek it through other faithful believers, that way of moving is incorrect if we choose others over our Father. He should be the first we seek when needing guidance. For those of us who are always being pulled, keep in mind that we can not be enablers to those pulling, and that our time is valuable, so don’t allow yourself to be consumed with others. This sermon was released at Freedom Fellowship Church International on May 21, 2023 by Pastor Cristina Sosso