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06/19/2022 | Start Strong, Finish Strong (Pastor Joshua Sosso)

Published: June 20, 2022
What would you do once you obtain your transfer of wealth? Pastor Josh spoke about Asa, King of Judah who in his position of authority, started off strong tearing down all false idols and rebuilding Gods temple. After years of prosperity, leaning on his own understanding he created an alliance with Ben-Hadad, king of Syria, because of this action he was reprimanded by prophet Hanani which caused him to turn away from God. Even in his time of need he did not turn back to God, not even at death. It is so important to keep yourself in check in all that we do, to make sure that God is in the center of all our decisions. Don’t let the world and our own understanding push us away from Gods prosperity. Let us continue to take our lives step by step by Gods leading, We started this walk, now lets finish it strong. This sermon was delivered by Pastor Joshua Sosso at Freedom Fellowship Church International on June 19, 2022.