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05/31/2023 | Joint Heirs Of Christ With Capacity To Believe (Deborah Ferrel)

Published: June 01, 2023
A powerful message this evening of knowing who we are in Christ and what we as Christ followers bring to the world. We are all joint heirs of Christ through His blood, so are capacity to believe should be through the roof, the clouds, and past the atmospheres. What ever you believe in faith is possible to our Lord, change your mindset to believe in all God’s truth, for indeed His ways seem impossible, but they are always truth. As we mature in Christ, the simplest truth is if we do not Love as Christ loved we can do nothing for anyone outside of Christ, because God is Love. How will we be able to show God in us if we lack that basic fundamental? Fall in love with Jesus daily, we need to want Christ in our lives not because want Him, But want Him because we love Him. As we go about our day to day, keep in mind that the decisions we make no longer have small repercussions, no we are held at a higher standard now, our decisions not only affect our family, but the nations as well. This is a year to gather your disciples and show our Father that we have been faithful in His teachings. This sermon was released at Freedom Fellowship Church International on May 31, 2023 by Ms. Deborah Ferrel.