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12/04/2022 | Focus on the Joy Before You (Pastor Cristina Sosso)

Published: December 04, 2022
This morning Pastor Mike lead us in a powerful prayer for our countries to push into righteousness. Pastor Cristina focused on Acts of the Apostles, giving example of how they were lead by the teaching of Jesus. Even after being beaten and thrown into jail Paul and Silas chose to pray and sing hymns, ultimately leading to the jailer and his whole family being baptized. (Acts 16:23-33) In this time it is important for us to change our mindsets and follow the instructions we have been given. If we can not stop giving our opinions and we are unwilling to change there will not be able to encounter success. We often get sucked into the belief that following Christ will keep us happy, the truth is Jesus did not give his life for us to be happy. Happiness is a satisfaction of the flesh that is only temporary. Joy is given deep down and brings peace in situations that are uncertain. Ask the Lord what the issues are in your heart that are unpleasing to him. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you fall in love with God all over again and to help you romance him.